Thursday, May 20, 2010


Both Emma and Hudson are once again, sick. Boo, boo, boo! It was 2 weeks ago today that we were at Dr. D's office and I took Emma back today and it is the same exact thing. Both ears are infected really bad with the right ear being worse than the left. She woke up at 1am screaming her ears hurt and then all morning she would whine about them and hold them. Pitiful. Now she's on Omnicef for 10 days and Nasonex which she thinks is so fun! Strange kid I tell ya! Hudson started coughing again too along with a runny nose (clear), sneezing, and stuff and I decided not to have him checked out b/c it's not too bad and everything was clear. Well we were out in town all day, got home at 1:45ish and he's got a 101 fever. Yep, that's the way it works. He was fussy and his eyes just looked glassy. The nurse said to keep watching his fever and if it continues tonight we have to go back in the morning. UGH! They said obviously the Augmentin didn't work for either child which normally it does for Emma but who knows. I just want them better. I still have my cough which has gone on for 2 weeks but it is finally going away.

No pictures right now. Maybe later!

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