Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Lil Punkin Head

Emma's Favorite Pasttime

She LOVES watching the videos of herself on the blog. She could seriously sit here all day and be happy watching herself.

She starts off sitting up...

Kicking back just a little...

Got the feet propped up...

Now we are mad!

What a stinker!


Gabby and Ru Rus sent Emma a Halloween sticker/coloring book yesterday so last night Emma had to put on ALL of the stickers! She is obsessed with stickers right now and I find them all over the house in the carpet and on the walls. But last night they were all over her!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Little Mommy

Emma is all girl these days! She has really taken to being a mommy herself and loves to feed her baby a bottle, burp her, and change diapers. It is so incredibly cute that it makes me want to cry. I had no idea that the role playing started so young and Emma has been doing this for awhile now. She is so gentle with her babies and when we are in public and a baby starts to cry, emma will say "Don't cry baby." I don't know where she heard that from or if maybe I said it once and she picked it up, but it is so sweet. It breaks her heart to hear other children cry. So here is my pumpkin putting a diaper on Elmo and her favorite Zoe. We had intended on Zoe being a Christmas present but George and I couldn't resist and gave it to her on Saturday.

Getting the diaper in place...


All done! So proud of herself!

Carrying Zoe around...

Emma and Zoe aren't complete without Elmo!

Also, whenever we go places we take Elmo and Zoe in the car with us and she insist on taking them both inside the store or wherever we are. What a character!

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Keepin it real in the house!

"Mom, I think you might have put the wrong shoes on my feet!"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Girl Has Got To Have Her Shoes!

So today we went to Aroma's, our favorite coffee shop, which is right beside the Stride Rite store. I knew that this particular Stride Rite was closing this winter, but I hadn't heard about their big sale this weekend until we went in. Apparently ALL of their shoes are 50% this weekend so of course Emma is always in need of new shoes. I took off like a mad woman fighting the people and measuring Emma's feet so I could load up on some good cute shoes.

I actually bought these on sale back in the summer. These were $50 Stride Rite shoes marked down to around $20 or something like that. They are just a little too big right now but as winter comes along they will fit. Super cute!

I did get these today for $11 I think. The sales lady says they run really big but I'm praying they will fit next summer. If not, I'll sell them.

Here is the next sandal I got today for next summer. It's funny b/c Emma actually had this pair in all pink this past summer. I think these were in the $20 range.

And last but not least, check out the CUTE CUTE CUTE boots!!! I LOVE these shoes so much and she can wear these soon. Aren't they precious?

And the side view...

So if you live in the Huntsville/Madison area and want some good shoes check out the Stride Rite store in the Target shopping center. Normally they are closed on Sundays, but they said they will be open tomorrow. Happy shopping!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dancing Diva!

Miss Diva pants is all about dancing the night away recently. She is trying to burn those calories! :) so check out her new skills. Also, I must add that she is trying to copy her daddy dancing whom you cannot see. Toward the end of the video daddy is doing the one foot behind him dance (don't know what it is called) and Emma tries to imitate him. So funny!

Some Random Fun From Yesterday

I took pics of our day yesterday for an online forum that I belong to. Here are some of the pics I took...

Emma brushing her teeth in the morning.

She LOVES helping me do housework!

Eating her breakfast-yogurt!

Kissing daddy before he went to work.

Gabby taught Emma to wear coffee hats and now she does it every morning with mommy. She even makes mommy wear a coffee hat too!

Look At The Little Piggies!!

I am finally able to pull her hair back into piggy tails! I didn't do a great job but I just wanted to try it out. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Ready, Set, Go!"

Emma loves to stand at the door and say "ready, set, go!" and take off running. It is hilarious! We've also been taking time everyday to dance. She will turn on the radio and start moving and grooving. Enjoy!


Emma has known her colors for awhile now so I thought I would show her off. She acted like she didn't know some of them, but don't let her fool you b/c she does know them! Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lily In All of Her Glory

Yes, we have a fat cat with a small head. :) Lily is such a sweetheart and she takes after her mommy & loves to eat!

Last night George said grab the camera and come see Lily. She was just sitting on the couch looking around like this and stayed in this position for at least an hour. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

We have eye contact! She was posing for me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emma and Her Big Girl Bed!

In case you haven't heard George and I complain about Emma's bedtime situation, let me just tell you it was horrible! There would be random nights that she would fall asleep so perfectly and then other nights she would scream and cry for 1-2 hours. It would stress me out and I really dreaded bedtime. So after several months of torture we finally decided to make the big switch to a toddler bed!

On Thursday evening Daddy and Emma took of the front side of the crib and attached the toddler rail. Emma thought it was so cool. And our nights have been so much better since that night. Definitely an awesome switch!

Emma helping daddy

All done! Big girl bed complete. :)

I also have to throw in Emma's new artwork. Monya painted the 2 big pictures, I painted the flower and we got the small one from a girl George knows.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!

Thank You Margaret and Dennis!

On Thursday we received a pretty box from the UPS man! Who was it from? Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dennis! Emma was so excited that she started climbing all over the box so Mommy opened it. Inside we found one of Emma's favorite things-BOOKS!!! There were lots of Dr. Seuss books and a couple of cute Halloween books.

Checking out the cute box

Examining the ABC Book

Her new favorite-the Halloween book! Love this book.

Thank you so much Margaret and Dennis! We appreciate the gift and as always, we hope to see you soon!
Love, The Titsworth Clan in Alabama!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Know, I'm Slacking!

Life has been a little bit hectic this past week so I must apologize for no pictures of Emma. Last weekend we went out of town for a friend's wedding and came home Sunday night. Then on Monday my Aunt Marsha, Monya, and Melica came down from Nashville and left yesterday (Wed). They have been on fall break. Then Emma came down with a low fever on Monday but acted completely normal. So I thought she will be fine on Tuesday. Wrong! Tuesday night her fever went up to 104 so yesterday we took her to the pedi. After checking her out the Dr. came to the conclusion is was just a virus. We came home and around 5 or 6pm her fever was finally gone! But don't get too excited yet, b/c we ended up having the WORSE night of our life with Emma and bedtime. She spent almost an hour kicking, screaming bloody murder, and being a completely different child. Horrible, horrible, horrible! I just wanted to burst into tears. George finally got her to sleep around 10pm only to have her wake up at 12am and start the whole process over. I spent the next 2 hours with her kicking, screaming, and being completely unreasonable. She finally got so exhausted from her aerobics that she fell asleep. She woke up at 8am fairly happy and has been an angel all day. However, I'm not looking forward to tonight. Please say a prayer that it will be better!

Now on to today! We've had a great day so far. I have been so productive that I'm super proud of myself. Emma and I unloaded the dishwasher after breakfast this morning and then cleaned the kitchen. Then we cleaned the rest of the house, vacuumed, and mopped the kitchen. I've also done 2 loads of laundry, fed Emma lunch (which she ate ALL of it) and put her down for a nap! She's been asleep for almost an hour so far. I'm hoping to finish up the laundry, mop my bathroom and whatever else I can find. I know some of you are thinking "isn't this normal everyday stuff?" Yep it is but with a toddler it is so hard to clean these days and most of the time I like to have "me" time while she is napping. That means playing on the computer, watching TV, or taking a nap myself. I'm a big napper! :) But I have to say it feels awesome being so productive all in one day.

That's it for now. Hopefully I will post some pics later tonight or tomorrow. Friday (payday) is almost here!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Fall!

It is finally starting to feel like fall around here and I'm so excited! Fall is my favorite time of year when the leaves start changing and I can wear long sleeve shirts. There was a slight breeze this morning so I decided to break out Emma's Halloween shirt and **attempt** to get a few decent photos. Notice how I said attempt? Uggh! I swore I would never take pics with Emma all by myself b/c it just leads to frustration but silly me thought I would try. She was not very cooperative and neither was Braxton. Here are the better ones and no they are not good.

I tried bribing her with animal cookies which she loved but still didn't cooperate. Braxton also became very interested in her.

This one is very blurry but it was cute with that adorable smile!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

Emma and I just took Braxton out to potty and this is what we saw! It has been such a gloomy rainy day and this is exactly what we needed to brighten up our afternoon. I love rainbows!

How Much Is That Puppy In The Window? Arrf, Arrf!

I finally got her a Halloween outfit! I've just not been into it this year for some reason but yesterday I broke down and bought this outfit. She has got to be the cutest puppy I've ever seen! I just want to snuggle and kiss that little face. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Wear My Sunglasses Inside...

Last week when we were in Cookeville Uncle Arnold came over to the Beth's house while we played with the boys. He had his cool shades and let Emma play with them. She LOVES glasses! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you Uncle Arnold for coming over and visiting with us!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome To Tate's Farm!

Yesterday we took Emma to Meridianville to Tate's Farm! It actually isn't that far from our house and it was a beautiful drive.

At Tate's Farm there are lots and lots of things for the kids to do. They had a corn pit, corn train, cotton jump, swings, slides, face painting, corn maze, and lots more. It is an all day fun kind of place. Despite George and Emma being under the weather we all had a great time!

Emma riding the corn train! So awesome and Emma loved it!

She's such a big girl these days. She didn't even cry.

Playing in the corn pit! I jumped in and played with her and I think we need one at our house now. :)

They also had some animals to pet like bunnies, goats, baby calf, chicks, and a horse. Emma LOVED the bunnies!

Loving on the calf

Doing the corn maze with Daddy.

"Mommy, I want this pumpkin!"

And a cute fall pic before we left.

If you get a chance go visit Tate's Farm. They have a website I think. Lots of fun for the whole family!