Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

On Friday night Emma's school had their annual fundraiser. They had games set up in the classrooms and then each class performed a little song for the parents. Emma's class sang "Where is Thumpkin" and it was so cute. Emma stood there the entire time with her finger up her nose and Ms. Alicia would try to take it out and Emma would shove it back up there. :) It's her nervous habit.

Emma doing the bean bag toss in her room...

Too funny! I just hope she doesn't do that in BJ & Ashli's wedding in September!

Ms. Alicia & Emma...she is one of Emma's teachers and I love her!

Yesterday we tried to spend lots of time outside since it was so nice. Daddy got the water table down from the attic and Emma had fun playing with it. My grandparents drove down too so they spent the day with us. I wish everyday was as pretty as yesterday! Daddy got the yard mowed, we cleaned house, and then went to Rosie's with some of our friends last night.

My grandparents got Emma a rocking chair and Emma loves it!

This morning she had some goldfish and hopped up in the chair. Thank you Gigi and Pa!!!

Later today I want to take Emma to Dublin Park to play and hopefully we can make a trip to Sam's to look at playgrounds. We want to get one for Emma soon so we are looking around. I hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update!

I only have a minute to post while Emma eats her dinner so it is short and sweet. First off, I went to a genetic clinic in B'ham on Tuesday b/c I had been told I had a gene mutation. Luckily I don't have the actual gene mutation that is a blood clotting disorder so it was awesome news. Yay for that! Then this afternoon Emma had a CT scan to check out her sinuses to see how they were after 3 wks of Omnicef. After tons of screaming and holding her down we got one good shot of her ethmoid sinuses but that's it. Luckily they were clear so Dr. Castillo said we'll just go with that and not worry with putting her to sleep for another one. She has been healthy the past week so we are great!

Tomorrow night is the annual fundraiser at Em's school and her class will perform "Where is Thumpkin" for the parents. I'm so excited!!! I hope to have pics this weekend.

We've been super busy this week and I can't wait for the weekend. It's supposed to be in the 80's!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Weekend Home Alone

Since I was all alone last night, my friend Ashli and I decided to go to the movies. We ended up seeing the new HANNAH MONTANA movie with a theater full of little kids. And yes, there were actually grown men there too. Anyways, the movie was sooo good! It even had me teary-eyed. The best part was when all the little girls would start singing the songs in the movie and then during the credits & extra footage they all broke out in dance. Seriously, too cute. I can see Emma doing that one day. :)

Afterwards it was about 9pm and we headed over to the Chocolate Crocodile which is my favorite! Now keep in mind we never did have dinner, only popcorn/water during the movie. So we are both craving real food as we order our dessert. Normally I'm in bed at this time of night but Ashli said that Red Robin would still be open. So we had dinner at 9:30 at night. The place was packed! I didn't realize that many people/families were out that late at night. It was really good though and it felt good to be out later than usual.

Now on to the fun part...I was on my way home almost to Target on 72 and Ashli calls me. I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying so I was kind of worried. Come to find out she had ran out of gas on the Governor's West (I think) ramp. So I went back and got her and we headed to a gas station on Old Madison Pike. It was so funny. She had to buy a $5 gas can, fill it up and then we made our way back. Luckily the truck was there in one piece and we both made it home safely. Now Ashli is really going to kill me for posting this but it is so funny & sweet that I have to...her fiance Brandon told her to make sure and fill the truck up with gas b/c it was almost empty. My sweet sweet Ashli! It really made my night and reminded me of something that would've happened back in college. :) I just had to share!

This afternoon George and Emma will be returning. I miss them so very much! It has been too quiet and I didn't get everything done that I had planned but it was still very productive. I just can't wait to hug and kiss that sweet little princess. Then George and I are off to Cirque de Soleil and I can't wait!!! I think we have great tickets too so I'm excited.

Tomorrow starts a new and BUSY week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cruisin Along...

We were outside waiting for Daddy to get home today and decided to ride our tricycle! Emma loves to ride it but doesn't have the whole feet thing down yet. She tries so hard.

And as of a few minutes ago, I am home alone until Sunday! I go for my 60 minute swedish massage at Terrame at 4:15 which means I have to leave at 3:15! I LOVE that place! Then I have several tv shows recorded that I want to watch tonight. Tomorrow I have several things planned too so I probably won't be sitting down much. I thought I was going to cry when my Georgie and Emma drove off...I miss them already! Come back soon!

She was concentrating so hard! Don't you love her dress? Got it at Wal-Mart for $6! Awesome!

LOVE her smile! She is definitely the light of my life. Earlier we were laying on the couch and she asked mommy for kisses. My face just lit up and I smothered her in kisses. I just love those little moments...

It looks like it will be a beautiful weekend so enjoy it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Chatter at 4am...

This morning Emma came into our room around 4am and after laying beside me for a few minutes, she sits up and starts talking. I'm wondering if she was still asleep b/c after talking for a couple of minutes she lays back down and was sound asleep.

Here's a few things that were said...

"Hi Ethan, Dalton" (kids in her class)
"Bye Emily!" (girl in class)
"Emma be good girl"
"Be a big girl"
"I love you Braxton"
"I love my blankie"
"My pillow"
"My pillow"

It was just random phrases and most of it was said to her yesterday afternoon but it just came out of nowhere and it was so incredibly cute! I wanted to laugh so bad but I was afraid if she wasn't really awake that it would wake her so I tried to keep quiet. I love just hearing her talk and it's so sweet what she says. Yesterday when I picked her up the teacher said "I don't want you to be worried or anything, but I just want you to know that Emma was so quiet today and I hope she isn't feeling bad." Then she goes on to say that Emma is such a chatterbox and she just talks ALL day long so it threw the teachers for a loop. She continued to be quite and seemed tired on the way home, but then she perked up after we got home. My little chatterbox!

In other news, I'm going to be all alone this weekend! George's fraternity from college is having their annual grad weekend and he's taking Emma home with him. It's so hard for me not to go, but mommy never gets "me" time so I think I need it. I really can't remember the last time I got to have 2 days by myself when I wasn't working. I do have to clean our house, mow the yard, and plant flowers but I'm looking forward to it. Recently I just can't get a good grip on house cleaning so I'm hoping to get lots accomplished. I even want to clean out our closets, wash the baseboards, windows, etc. Anyone want to help?? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday!

Here is a glimpse of our Easter Sunday. We stayed really busy with Emma's Easter basket, flying Emma's kites, and then doing yardwork. It was a very productive Easter!

Gabby & Ru-Rus had Emma's Easter basket waiting for her when she woke up. She got lots of fun stuff including 3 new pairs of pjs, Elmo kite, books, bubbles, Tinkerbell movie, Sesame Street stickers, a velcro/ball kit, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Lots of goodies!

Then after mommy woke Daddy up, we let her have her basket from us. We got her an Aquadoodle, Snow White figurine set, Dora puzzle, chocolate bunny, and some M&M's. It was like Christmas!

Really all she cared about were the M&M's!

Still excited about the M&M's!

And one of her new favorite toys is the Aquadoodle! It is mess free and Emma loves drawing on it.

A couple of years ago Aunt Kathy got Emma a ladybug kite and this year Gabby & Ru-Rus got her an Elmo kite. Well since it was soooo windy on Easter we decided to try the kites out. Mostly it was George holding the Elmo kite and me holding the ladybug kite but I had so much fun! I haven't flown a kite in years. Emma did hold the Elmo kite for a little bit but it was so windy I was afraid she might blow away and then that would be bad. :)

We had a wonderful Easter and were really sad when Gabby & Ru-Rus had to go home. I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a great time with Gabby & Ru-Rus. They came down Thursday to help out with miss Emma and they stayed until Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday night after Emma was really tired & cranky we decided to dye Easter eggs. She perked up in about 2 seconds! Emma had so much fun and I think she could have dyed Easter eggs all night long. Enjoy the pics!

Emma and her Ru-Rus! She LOVES her Ru-Rus!

Dyeing her 1st Easter egg. She was amazed!

Doing it all by herself! She did such a great job and didn't even make a mess!

I love the look on her face in this one...

She's great at multitasking!

Grandparent shot!

Emma's right hand was nice and blue when we finished. :)

I've got more pics from Easter Sunday and hope to share those tomorrow. Thank you Gabby & Ru-Rus for coming down and helping us out. We ended up working on our flower beds and got alot accomplished.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Girl!

I know I've mentioned before that my stepmom Betsy sews and also does some really cute embroidery. Well I came home from the hospital the other day to find a package from Betsy in my mailbox. I was so excited!!! She made this sweet little shirt for Emma and I'm in love with it. She also made her a light pink shirt with a bunny on it, some frilly socks, and a couple of bows that attach to croc shoes. How awesome is that? I plan on putting the bunny shirt on her tomorrow. So thanks a ton Betsy for the cute outfits! Emma loves her new shirt!

Cheesing with Gabby! (I couldn't get her to smile really so I'll have to take more pics later. We were on our way to Target)

A couple of weeks ago Gabby brought this sweet little dress down for Emma to try on. It was Aunt Beth's dress when she was a toddler. Emma saw it this morning and kept saying "cute!" and wanted to put the "yellow dress" on. She is too adorable, isn't she?

Later today we plan on dyeing Easter eggs and then tomorrow we will hunt them. Emma LOVES eggs so I think she will have a blast this year with coloring them. More pics to come. Hoppy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Help Mommy, I'm Stuck!

I was sitting here at the computer a few minutes ago and all of a sudden Emma said, "Mommy help, it's stuck. So I thought she had some play food stuck somewhere and look up to go help her and find this...

She had climbed up underneath and was just hanging out. She would not let us take her out! Then I started taking her pic and she said "cheese!" What a little stinker. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picture Time!

Now that Emma is feeling better I took a couple of pictures earlier. Gabby & Ru-Rus went to pick up dinner so we played outside for a little bit.

Mommy tickling Emma!

She likes to put her shoes on all by herself!

LOVES her red slide! Oh and by the way, GABBY dressed her! Too funny.

And had to show off her pretty eyes.

My sweet baby is doing so much better (besides her cough) and is starting to eat/drink more. Yay for healthy babies!

Quick Update!

A few minutes ago I got the call and the Cystic Fibrosis test was NEGATIVE! Even though we thought it would be it was hard not to worry. So I'm happy!

Gabby and Ru-Rus are at our house right now (I'm at work) and I'm looking forward to going home to visit with them. Right now I just want to sleep though. Five o'clock can't come quick enough. Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Are HOME!!!

We got home about 30 minutes ago and it feels so great to be in our comfortable house. I was getting cabin fever in that teeny tiny hospital room. I've only got a minute to write so I'll give a brief update. The nose culture came back with 3 different bacteria growing in her nose but they are all normal so her antibiotics should knock it all out. She is still coughing quite a bit but we will just continue on her nebulizer and Omnicef for now.

There is one concern for now and we could use all the positive thoughts in the world right now. Dr. Mahesh has been thinking about Emma and all of her problems and along with Dr. Dudley they want Emma to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis tomorrow. Neither doctor thinks she has it but they just want to rule it out. Apparently a symptom is a chronic cough. So tomorrow we will go to outpatient at the hospital and they will do a sweat test on Emma's arm. I believe they are testing her levels of chloride. We should get the results back tomorrow afternoon. So of course, I am super antsy about this but I'm trying to stay positive. In order for her to have this George and I both have to be carriers and I recently had a really long blood workup done and I can't be positive that CF was ruled out but I think that gene was. So continue to think of us and Miss Emma tomorrow.

I also plan on going back to work tomorrow. I kind of forgot that I am a working woman now! George's parents are coming down to help him out with Emma and he will probably return to work on Friday. I've got tons of housework to catch up on but for now I just want to get tomorrow over with and make it to the weekend.

Hopefully I will update tomorrow evening. Pictures to come I promise!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good News!

Well Emma does not have Rotavirus or the other bacteria (C Diff). They are still waiting on another culture but they don't think she has it. She's been acting rather normal this evening and is even got some attitude going on. :) That's definitely a sign she's feeling better!

Dr. Dudley came by earlier and wants to repeat Emma's white blood count in the morning. She also cut back her Roceferin some since it is irritating her little belly. If all goes well in the morning then we might be going home tomorrow! I'm getting excited b/c this little room is driving me crazy now. Emma has also started eating a little more and is finally drinking. She's had I think 3 wet diapers today so that is some good progress.

I forgot to mention previously that I woke up with pink eye yesterday. Yes, I did say PINK EYE! I haven't had it since I was a kid and boy oh boy does it stink! My eye was so sore and irritated. I got some good eye drops from the pharmacy and it is now healing. However, I woke up this morning and my other eye is now infected. Craziness I tell ya!

Emma has been quite the cutie since we've been here and the nurses just love her to death. We take walks in the hallway and ride in the wagon and they think she is just so precious. So I hope to update tomorrow from home but in the meantime keep us in your prayers/thoughts.

Emma Is In The Hospital :(

Yep, you read it right. Miss Emma was admitted yesterday to Women & Children's hospital. She started running a 104 degree temp on Sunday morning and was real lethargic. She kept sleeping and not eating/drinking and had us worried. Late Sunday evening she started eating a little bit but never was herself. So on Monday we took her to Dr. Dudley just to have her checked out. Keep in mind she had just stared a 20 day dose of Omnicef. Well her ears/eyes/throat checked out fine but her white blood count was a little high. So we came straight to the hospital and got a chest x-ray. Luckily it was fine but her airways were a little inflamed. She has a ton of mucous in her but it seems to be getting better now. Also, she is slightly dehydrated so she is getting fluids. We still aren't sure what infection she has but they are testing her stool for a bacteria and also Rotavirus. We should hear something soon on that.

So for now we are hanging out in our little room and hope to be in a another day or two. Luckily my work is so understanding and said to take all the time I need. George worked tons of overtime last week so he can use those hours to cover his missed days this week instead of using his vacation.

Please say a prayer and send some get well wishes to Miss Emma. She is such a trooper when she is sick and has the best manners. I'm so proud of her! Hope to update soon with good news!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stinky Ol' Sinuses!

Poor Emma is still having trouble with her sinuses. She had them drained back in Feb when they took out her tonsils but she is continuing to have issues with them. This morning Dr. Castillo did a face x-ray to see what was going on and sure enough, her sinuses are really compacted with fluid. So once again, another antibiotic! Every week she does an antibiotic and for about the last 3 wks it has been augmentin so we are going back to a 20 day dose of Omnicef. Then after the 2o days is up she will go in for another CT scan to see how her sinuses look at their best. I know this has got to be uncomfortable for her. It just breaks my heart and is so frustrating that she can't get better. She is snotty, coughing, low fever, and nasty poo for the past week. I know some of that has to do with her 2 year molars...her 1st molar has finally broken through and I can see it now. It is her bottom left molar. Only 3 more to go!!

So that's where we are at now. I just really want her to be completely healthy and hopefully with summer around the corner that will happen. We've got a busy weekend but I hope to post new pictures tomorrow night or Sunday.