Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Pics!

Aunt Beth owns a dance studio so she got Emma her 1st pair of tap shoes! She also got her a new long sleeved black leotard but we haven't tried it on yet. I have a feeling Emma is going to love her tap shoes! Thanks Aunt Beth!

Yesterday we took the kiddos to the train depot. We took them last summer too and once again, they had a blast! Here's a couple of shots on the train that goes around the grounds.

Uncle George and the kiddos

It was sooo very hot yesterday so it didn't take long for the kids to tire out. We were all hot and sweaty and ready for lunch.

And the 3 amigos looking mighty cute!

Emma is so sad her playmates had to leave. We really enjoyed having the Wheeler clan at our house and can't wait for next summer to do it again! Next summer we will be adding 1 more to the chaos. Aunt Beth will need a bigger van to tote all of us around! Thanks for coming boys! We love & miss you already!

We LOVE Our Cousins!

On Thursday afternoon Emma's cousins, Graham and Isaac, drove all the way down from TN to visit with us. We have had so much fun and have done so many things! We are so sad that they have to go home in a few minutes. Emma is going to be so lonely without them. :(

Aunt Beth brought Emma a cute little skirt and Isaac didn't want to give it up. So funny!

The kiddos eating breakfast!

Playing with the water table...still the best $25 I ever spent!

Water sprinklers!

Checking out the Elmo guitar...the kids are all very musical!

I've got lots more pics to share. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Girly Fun!

Today I came home a little early from work to switch out with George. Emma is still running fevers at night so she could not go to school today. The doctor's office did call in some Augmentin for her so hopefully she will be on the road to recovery soon! On Saturday night she was at 104.1 and we do not like those high temps!

So we have been playing indoors today and having a great time. Emma is so girly and delicate most of the time and loves fixing Zoe's hair in pigtails. So today after we fixed Zoe's hair we had to fix Emma's hair and then we painted toenails! Her hair is so cute and crazy that I had to take pictures. Enjoy!

Emma Bemma has the most gorgeous little face and smile!

Emma and her best friend Zoe! We are having too much fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

We love you very much and Emma and little bean are so blessed to have you for a daddy!

We have had such a wonderful Father's Day weekend and George loved his gift from us. I had saw this picture at my friend Jennifer's house last year and just had to have Emma help me make it. Emma and I (Little Bean helped from the inside) fingerpainted Emma's hands and I printed the sweet poem off of the internet. One of my fav stores, Hobby Lobby, framed it for me and it looks great! We are going to hang it up in our bedroom. Enjoy a couple of pics of Miss Emma with Daddy's gift!

Emma admiring her hands!

She thinks it's the best gift ever! She constantly goes over to it and puts her hands on the frame and talks about her handprints. :)

Happy Father's Day to all of the other dads out there! We are going to finish our evening off with some yummy food! We are grilling chicken, frying squash & zucchini, and mashed potatoes. I won't mention all of the laundry I still have to finish! Oh and I've got a 4 day work week and Beth, Graham, and Isaac coming to down on Thursday!!!! So excited!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check Out Her Moves!

Little Turkey Legs is Sick!

Last night around 12:30 Emma woke up crying in her room which she never does anymore. Normally she just walks in our room and I put her in the bed with us. She sounded flustered so I went and got her and brought her to our room. She just couldn't get comfortable, kept talking in her sleep, and tossing. I thought her belly must be hurting her or maybe she was constipated. She loves cheese and if we aren't careful she gets really bad constipated. So then around 2:30am I noticed she was on fire and the next thing you know, she is throwing up on mommy. Luckily it wasn't much but it was still vomit. :( After she finished we took her temp and it was 101.6 and then a few minutes later it was 103. We got some Motrin down her and probably 30 minutes later she was doing much better. Emma and I stayed up until 4:30am eating cheerios, drinking apple juice, and watching Noggin. We both fell asleep at 4:30 and then I got up at 5:30 for work. Let me tell you, I was tired! I had never went to sleep after she came in at 12:30 so it has made for a long day. I went to work until 8:45 and met them at Dr. Dudley's office. Emma looked fine but her white blood count was doubled. So then we tried to get her to tinkle on the potty but that didn't work so we finally had to leave with a bag. Around 12:30 she finally had enough pee pee and we went back to drop it off. The quick urine test was good and she was going to test it overnight too. We are also going back in the morning to retest her white blood count. Emma has been acting great for the most part today and has been playing. It has been very strange! So for now we are to keep her out of school tomorrow and hopefully her WBC will be lower tomorrow.

A few minutes ago Emma was playing with a piece of ribbon so I snapped a couple of pics. She looks so grown up!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

I just had to share! Last night during our crazy storms we were all sitting on our bed. In case I haven't mentioned before Emma is all about singing these days. She sings constantly and it is amazing all of the songs she has learned at school. So last night out of nowhere she starts singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame!" We have one of those magnetic radios that we have on the refrigerator and I thought maybe she picked it up from it. Well then she starts doing the arm movements and counting the 3 strikes on her fingers so I knew she had to have learned it at school. OMG, it was the CUTEST thing I've seen in a long time! George and I were grinning from ear to ear at her sweet little voice and I just can't believe what a little character she is. She has just taken off the past couple of months and her little brain is like a sponge. I dreamt of having kids all my life and now to have such a little miracle that brings a smile to my face constantly just overflows me with joy and love. Recently I've really been struggling with how fast she's growing and changing and I just want her to slooooow down. Especially with #2 on the way it just puts everything into focus. Does that make sense?

Now my goal is to get her singing this song on video tonight! It is just too cute for words. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Emma Has Something To Say...

Yes, you read right! We are very excited to be expecting baby #2 in December! I am in my 12th week right now and had my appt today with Dr. Cimino. So far everything is looking great. My due date is 12/26 but I have to have another c-section so he will deliver me at 38 weeks (first wk of December) if I don't deliver before. I am so stinkin scared after everything we went through with Emma but lots of women go on to deliver full term healthy babies the 2nd time. We could use lots of prayers and good thoughts!

This time around I decided to rent a fetal heart dopplar too so that has put me at ease tremendously. I've had 2 miscarriages (both at Christmastime) so being able to hear little bean's heartbeat is so wonderful. Today the h/b was 147. When we check the h/b at home Emma likes to say "listen to baby in belly" and it is so sweet. She doesn't quite understand but she does talk about the baby in my belly.

So far I've felt pretty good with no morning sickness but the occasional queasiness. I've had lots fo headaches, minor dizziness, and lots of heartburn! But nothing much to complain about b/c I am very lucky to not be sick during pregnancy. We are so very excited and I can't wait to share my HEALTHY pregnancy with everyone! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is my sweet Georgie's 27th birthday! We've had a very relaxing weekend and got to go see a movie and have dinner last night while his parents watched Emma. It was really nice. We even got to walk around Bridgestreet and shop a little bit. For his birthday I got him a new video card for the computer, more memory, and the new 311 CD from Emma. His parents got him lots of new shelves for our garage and some money. I'm thinking we might be getting old since we got shelves for a birthday! Just kidding, we really needed the shelves and our garage is looking very nice! Thanks Ru-Rus for all of the hard work.
Then this morning about 20 of us went to the Cracker Barrel in Athens for breakfast and then some of our friends came back to the house for cake/ice cream. Yesterday I made G a cake and it was so yummy! I love the buttercream icing and cakes are alot of fun to make (and eat!).

Now on to the pictures. Gabby had a friend that I went to high school with make Emma this cute apron. She loves to wear it around the house in her high heels. Too funny!

Here's George's cake that I made. Emma helped make the cake and she was also my taste tester for the icing!

This morning before breakfast G opened his gifts. Actually Emma opened his gifts and kept the money! What a smart smart girl!

Reading Daddy's card...

And checking out the new 311 CD that she got Daddy

Daddy blowing out his candles!

We had such a wonderful weekend and as usual we were very sad when Gabby & Ru-Rus left for TN. After they pulled out of the driveway Emma wanted to get in our car and go with them. She started crying b/c we couldn't go. So sad! I imagine as she gets older it will get harder for her when our guest leave. Come back soon Gabby & Ru-Rus!

Friday, June 12, 2009

So Glad It's Friday!

So this Sunday is Daddy's 27th birthday! This year he asked for a new video card for the computer and some more memory (for the computer). It arrived on Wednesday and I wanted to go ahead and give it to him b/c I knew he would want to install it ASAP! Here's Emma carrying the huge box over to Daddy. She kept thinking it was her birthday present and wanted to open it.

Look at this prissy face! Too funny!

We have a fun weekend plan with Gabby & Ru-Rus coming down after lunch. We LOVE to have people come visit us. Then tomorrow night they are watching Emma for us so we can have a date night to see Star Trek and go out to eat at Sakura (hibachi grill). We rarely get out by ourself anymore so we are looking forward to it. Then on Sunday morning all of our friends are meeting us at Cracker Barrel for G's birthday breakfast! How awesome and yummy is that? So we have lots in store for this weekend.
Also, tomorrow is my Granny Dunham's 73rd birthday! Happy Birthday Granny D! Maybe Emma can send her a little video message later today. Sorry we won't be with you in Nashville to celebrate. :( Aunt Marsha will take great care of you though and I'm sure you will have lots of yummy food! Aunt Marsha always has the best food and desserts. :)
We have to head out to Target in a bit. Such a rough life huh? Target is one of our fav places to go! Enjoy this pic of Emma. We slept in till 6:30am and had cheerios in bed! She's so sweet!

OH and check back on Sunday for some very EXCITING news! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Love to Play!

After work today Emma and I played outside with the water table for quite awhile and then we came in and played in her bedroom. She gets so excited when we play and it just makes you smile. The past couple of nights we've been playing the neighbors, Emma (4) and Grace (2) and they love to dress up. So Emma is starting to get into dressing up too and we've got several little dress up outfits from Aunt Beth. She put this on and kept saying "so cute Emma!"

This was so funny. She would stick her nose in the water and come up laughing with a drop of water on her nose!

She was in deep concentration with this water.

Before we went outside she had a fruit roll up so her hands were sticky. Emma will do anything to get her hands washed! I thought she looked like such a big girl standing on her stool. I just wish time would stand still sometimes so she wouldn't get any bigger. It's so hard to think back on her being only 1 lb and how we couldn't even touch her for the longest time. She's come such a long ways...she is now around 24 lbs! I just love this little miracle sooooooo much! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Fun!

Most Friday nights we just lounge around the house b/c we are so tired from the week. So after work yesterday Emma and I took a fun filled trip to Target! We both love going to Target and like to see just how much money we can spend. :) Don't tell Daddy. We ended up buying 2 outside chairs and Emma loves sitting in her new chair in the house. As if she doesn't have enough chairs right now. Then we came home and ate spaghetti and spent the evening playing in Emma's room. We don't get to play with her toys as much now that she's in school all day so she's always excited to play in her room. Makes Mommy sad! Here are a couple of cute pics from our Friday night!

We were playing with her babies and feeding them Cheerios! Emma pretended to feed the baby but then she would actually eat the Cheerios. We are all about pretend play.

I run to the bathroom for a sec and come back to find Emma in her pink furry high heels! She has never liked wearing them until last night and first thing this morning she puts those on! It cracks me up. Somewhere she has learned about skating so last night she kept trying to roller skate in them and was talking about going skating. Where in the world did she learn that? Must have been at school. Also, you can see her new nebulizer/inhaler in the picture. We visited Dr. Mahesh last week and we are switching her over to something more like an inhaler with Symbicort. It is sooo much quicker and we only wash it once a week! Emma loves doing it too. First, we shake the meds up for 5 seconds, then we push the button (inhaler), and then she holds the mask up to her face and takes 6-8 deep breaths. We do this 4x's a day, 2 in the morning/2 night. Dr. Mahesh wants her to do this for the next year just to help her lungs stay strong and then next summer we will reevaluate if she needs it or not.

She was in the middle of skating around the living room!

We've got a busy day today of straightening up the house and playing outside! Then at 4pm we have our Northrop Grumman Summer Picnic down at Dittos Landing and it's going to be sooo much fun! They have tons of inflatables for the kids and separate stuff for toddlers. The food is super good too and I just love summer picnics. I hope everyone has a wonderful sunny weekend!
Oh and Happy Birthday Ru-Rus! Yesterday was Ru-Rus's birthday!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Love Some Water & Some Old School Pics!

Today we got home around 4:30 and since we were having leftovers for dinner we had plenty of time to play outside! I cleaned out the water table and Emma had so much fun playing in the water. At school today they had water day so her class got to play outside in the water for about 45 minutes. Her teacher told me they were all so tired afterwards that they had a hard time eating lunch and they all crashed at naptime! That hot sun will do it for a 2 year old. Enjoy the pictures!

Ok I just had to share some pics from last June. I can't believe how much she has changed in the past year! She grew some hair for one! I miss her little baby look so much but I also love who she's become over the past year. So enjoy a throwback to Emma and all her baby cuteness!
June 6, 2008
June 9, 2008
June 25, 2008 We had just bought her water table!

Thanks for looking and I'm on a roll this week. Maybe I'll post pics every night this week. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ring Around The Rosie's...

Big Girl Panties!

Emma wanted to use her potty and wear her big girl "Sleeping Beauty" panties so we are trying them out. Right before I started working we tried to sit on the potty alot for a couple of days but Emma started saying "no potty" repeatedly so we stopped. She still ask to sit on it all the time but no success at home in awhile. Although last week she went pee pee on the potty at school!!! I'm just going with flow, whenever she's ready we'll tackle it and be done with it!

She was sneaking band-aids out of the drawer while Mommy grabbed the camera!

Cheesing with her big girl panties!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yum, Ice Cream!

A few minutes ago we headed to Bruster's for some ice cream! Now that's what I call a good night! Emma got a little baby cone of vanilla and I couldn't resist a couple of pics. Surprisingly she didn't make much of a mess. Of course, mommy had to help her eat it! :) Enjoy!

Doesn't she look so big in this picture?? She's sportin a pair of her new pjs from Florida. I think I got her 5 new pairs from the Carter's outlet. Last year I got her several pairs too and she has wore them the entire year! Love Carter's pajamas!