Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Love to Play!

After work today Emma and I played outside with the water table for quite awhile and then we came in and played in her bedroom. She gets so excited when we play and it just makes you smile. The past couple of nights we've been playing the neighbors, Emma (4) and Grace (2) and they love to dress up. So Emma is starting to get into dressing up too and we've got several little dress up outfits from Aunt Beth. She put this on and kept saying "so cute Emma!"

This was so funny. She would stick her nose in the water and come up laughing with a drop of water on her nose!

She was in deep concentration with this water.

Before we went outside she had a fruit roll up so her hands were sticky. Emma will do anything to get her hands washed! I thought she looked like such a big girl standing on her stool. I just wish time would stand still sometimes so she wouldn't get any bigger. It's so hard to think back on her being only 1 lb and how we couldn't even touch her for the longest time. She's come such a long ways...she is now around 24 lbs! I just love this little miracle sooooooo much! :)

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