Friday, June 12, 2009

So Glad It's Friday!

So this Sunday is Daddy's 27th birthday! This year he asked for a new video card for the computer and some more memory (for the computer). It arrived on Wednesday and I wanted to go ahead and give it to him b/c I knew he would want to install it ASAP! Here's Emma carrying the huge box over to Daddy. She kept thinking it was her birthday present and wanted to open it.

Look at this prissy face! Too funny!

We have a fun weekend plan with Gabby & Ru-Rus coming down after lunch. We LOVE to have people come visit us. Then tomorrow night they are watching Emma for us so we can have a date night to see Star Trek and go out to eat at Sakura (hibachi grill). We rarely get out by ourself anymore so we are looking forward to it. Then on Sunday morning all of our friends are meeting us at Cracker Barrel for G's birthday breakfast! How awesome and yummy is that? So we have lots in store for this weekend.
Also, tomorrow is my Granny Dunham's 73rd birthday! Happy Birthday Granny D! Maybe Emma can send her a little video message later today. Sorry we won't be with you in Nashville to celebrate. :( Aunt Marsha will take great care of you though and I'm sure you will have lots of yummy food! Aunt Marsha always has the best food and desserts. :)
We have to head out to Target in a bit. Such a rough life huh? Target is one of our fav places to go! Enjoy this pic of Emma. We slept in till 6:30am and had cheerios in bed! She's so sweet!

OH and check back on Sunday for some very EXCITING news! Happy Weekend!

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Sorry I havent commented in a while. Love all the recent pics of miss emma, she's such a cutie pie.
Oh and I cant wait to hear the exciting news!