Friday, September 26, 2008

We Are On Our Way...

to Tennessee! Emma and I decided to leave daddy here so he can work. So the girls and Braxton are going to enjoy Graham's 5th birthday (which is today) and visit the family. We probably won't be home until next Tuesday or possible Wednesday so there will not be any updates until then.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Three Muskateers!

Remember my friend Jennifer that we met for dinner a few weeks ago? Well today she needed to run some errands and asked me if I wanted to come play with her little twinkies. Of course I was just beaming from ear to ear just thinking about playing with them and Emma. However, I was a little scared as I have not watched 3 small children in a long time. The twinkie twins are 9 months old and can crawl/scoot and they are rather fast. Add to that a clumsy toddler during naptime plus 2 dogs and you have lots of fun! :)

The twinkies were the most well behaved little cuties ever and did not make a crying sound once! Alex is such a ham and Miss Addy is a little princess in training. Both twinkies LOVE Emma and would just smile at her. The sweetest thing was when Alex was ready for a nap and he crawled over to me, pulled on my pants and wanted me to pick him up. So so adorable! So enough talking and on to the pics! I couldn't take as many as I wanted, but with the 3 muskateers it is hard!

Princess Addy playing with her toys! She has some gorgeous deep blue eyes!

Oh and both twinkies have reddish hair. Jennifer, you might be in some trouble!

Look at Alex's pimp smile! He loves me...seriously, I had him laughing and we bonded!

The 3 Muskateers playing together. Actually, Alex is sitting on his princess sister and squashing her. You know I had to take a pic of that!

Alex and Emma play really well together. Emma kept laughing at him for being in there.

And last but not least, Braxton's long lost twin, Brayden. They are the same kind of dog and look almost identical. Scary!

And the second furbaby, Dakota. He is so precious and soft! Emma likes Dakota a lot!

So I made it all by myself with 2 twinkie twins, a toddler, and 2 furbabies for about 2.5 hours I think. It was really easy b/c the muskateers were so good but wow, that is alot of work! Kudos to all of the single moms in the world and the moms with multiple children. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look What Mommy Made...

A hairbow holder!

I've been wanting one for Emma for ages now, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. So I saw something similar to this so I took a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday. It was super simple to make and it matches her room perfectly. Now I need to think about getting some longer ribbon b/c the few bows that she does have is already too many! Eek! Let me know what you think.

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

Best friends forver, Emma Grace and Ella Grace. They met on Emma's birth day in the Huntsville NICU and will forever share a bond of the 1 pounder club. :) I've mentioned miss Ella before but in case you didn't know, Ella was born at 28 wks due to her mommy have pre-e just like me and we also share the same OBGYN. Before we ever met Dr. Cimino had told me Kylie's story (without using her name) and he also told Kylie about me and how I was going through the same thing she did. Once we met in the NICU we both said "you're the one Dr. Cimino was talking about!" We've been friends ever since! Sweet Kylie shared Ella's stuffed animals and receiving blankets with Emma during her 1st week and I will always be forever grateful for that. Kylie helped me so so much during those first few weeks and gave me so much hope for my little miracle. :)

The girls have seen each other once or twice since being in the NICU together and finally today we had a much needed playdate. It was like the girls had known each other forever and it melted my heart. They played together so well and Emma even fed Ella cheerios. I can't wait to have them over again!

The girls eating cheerios

Emma feeding Ella

Now this was the cutest thing ever! Kylie and I were sitting in the living room just chatting away and George went to check on the girls. Apparently Ella had locked Emma in Braxton's cage in the kitchen and they were having so much fun! We got tons of cute pics of it but here are a couple.

Ella is such a little love bug. She went up to George and wanted him to pick her up and read to her. Soooo sweet! Then Emma saw what was going on and wanted her daddy too. That just made my day!

I forgot to mention that Kylie now has a 4 month old son named Lucas Christopher. He is the cutest most adorable little man! Today was my first time meeting him and I'm so in love with him. He has the most beautiful little face and I can see so much of Ella in him. It seems so long ago that Emma and Ella were at that stage. And just think, both girls came home at 3 months.

Here is Emma offering Lucas some of her juice. At least she wanted to share!

And big man Lucas. We won't talk about me cutting his fingernails for Kylie and making him bleed. It was horrible! I still feel so bad. :( Sorry Kylie!

And the girls just playing again. Isn't Ella so sweet? Look at that blonde hair!

It looks like they are chatting here. Must have been a good story!

Miss Priss Ella Grace! Come back soon sweet girl. Emma misses you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Emma's 1st Trip To Chuck-E-Cheese!

Today my wonderful 2nd mother, Tracy, took her daughter Barbra, Emma, and me to Chuck E Cheese! Since it was a school day for public schools it wasn't very crowded which was really nice. Emma had so much fun and I'm sure we'll be making many trips in the next few years. Barbra would take her on the rides and then they would climb through the tunnel. I think the tunnel was Emma's favorite! She also got on stage with animals or whatever they are and danced. It was so cute! Here are some pics and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Barbra and Emma climbing up to the top.

"I'm a big girl Mom!"

Mommy and Emma. Can you tell I got my hair cut off yesterday? It looked much cuter when Anna styled it. Oh well, I still like it!

Emma planning her big jump off the stage.

She loved dancing with the characters!

Barbra playing with Emma


Isn't this the cutest most sweetest pic ever! Look at that smile!

Emma LOVED this ride! It was a bicycle that went up and down and all around as you pedaled the bike. Of course, Barbra had to do the pedaling!

Climbing through the tunnel again.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Momma Tracy and sister Barbra! As usual, we had so much fun with you today and we are so happy to have you for friends. You made Emma's day! :)

Can She Get Any Cuter?

The other night while Emma was taking a bath I was trying to make a mohawk out of her hair. I thought her facial expression was too cute!

And these are from a few minutes ago in the backyard. She was playing in the water so that's why her shirt is all wet. I thought they turned out so great. An airplane was flying overhead so that caught her attention and she started smiling for me!

There's that dimple!

Gotta love this face!

Who Knew This Doubled As A Trampoline!


No children or bouncy seats were harmed during the making of this film. The following activity had adult supervision and I do not recommend any children (or adults for that matter) to attempt this at home (or in public). Please enjoy the show!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miss Chatterbox!

Emma was sitting on the floor beside the computer this morning and I was just sitting here listening to her read and talk to herself. I just couldn't help but smile and wonder what in the world is she saying. I think she was reading to herself and then she would say "more" and start over. She is so cute, and I am so amazed at her all the time. What a special little princess.

So as I was sitting here, I thought "I need to get this on video!" So I turned it on quietly and started recording. Too cute not to share with everyone! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take 2 Itsy Bitsy Spider

Emma is just too cute for words! Enjoy!

Music For Your Ears!

Emma is quite the little singer these days and she can do the whole "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song and the movements by herself. So George and I were sitting on the couch tonight and she starts reading the spider book to herself and doing the movements. It was so cute so I tried to get her to do it on camera...not happening! She did some of it and we added in some extra cute footage so enjoy!

Playing Outside

Emma and I played outside again today and got a couple of cute shots. The sun was really harsh so the picture is not the greatest but it is still cute to me! Our neighbor, Van, was washing his truck so Emma was waving to him and that's how I got her to smile.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enjoying This B-E-A-UTIFUL Weather!

"I didn't do it, I promise!"

"I know I'm cute!"

Mommy's Little Helper

So Emma has become quite the little helper recently. Well actually she's been helping me for a few months now. If and when I dust (which is rarely) she likes to dust with me. Her favorite thing to do is vacuum. In fact, we recently named her Sally the Vacuum. Emma loves to get Sally out of the closet and clean our carpet! And the cutest most annoying thing is when she gets into the laundry. When I tell her to go play in her room, she goes in there and starts rearranging her drawers for me. Does that mean she's going to be into fashion?

Anywho, I was unloading the dishwasher a few minutes ago and turned around to find this. She hands me the dishes and says "thank you". Then after that I just put some clothes in to wash. I sit down to upload these photos and here comes Emma from her room carrying some random clothes. She gives me that cute little "I'm up to no good" smile and opens the laundry room door. It was soooo cute! Then she realized the washer was running and she put her clothes down and took off. Do I have to pay her for her help? :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby...Nanananana

Remember when we went ice skating with Monya and Melica a couple of weeks ago? Well I took this footage back then and just got my camera out of the car. Sad, I know.

Monya and Melica have been taking ice skating lessons for a few months now and they are awesome! I felt so old and out of shape on the ice but they just kept going like little energizer bunnies! Here is Melica showing off her skills.

Note: She's the cute little girl in the baby blue hoodie and brown hair in a ponytail. :)

I Told You She Was Smart! And Quite Funny Too!

So a few days ago Emma learned to count to 10!!! Can you believe it? Our little miracle that fought so hard to live and now at 19 months old she can count to 10! Words can't describe how happy and proud I am of her. She has such a bold personality too and George and I find ourselves laughing at her constantly.

I tried my best to get the counting on tape but she wasn't cooperating as usual! She said some numbers and hopefully I can get them all in order over the next couple of days. I think she is camera shy tonight. :) Also, she tends to leave out the numbers 6 & 9 for some reason. What a character! Anywho, here is some amazingly cute video!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our New Twin Friends-Addie and Alex!

A few weeks ago Jennifer contacted me after finding my blog. Jennifer and her husband Dale recently moved here from St. Louis. They have the cutest, sweetest, and most content little babies on the earth and we got the chance to have dinner with them tonight! I've been chatting with Jennifer for awhile now so I feel like I've known her forever, but it was our first time meeting in person. We had a wonderful dinner at Rosie's and can't wait to do it again. Of course, I've got several pics of the kiddos so enjoy!

Addie being shy! Look at her big blue eyes. Jennifer let me hold her and she is so sweet! I just love them to death!

Emma with her new man...I think she really likes Alex! She kept rubbing his hair and saying "pretty". Really fascinated with him.

I thought this pose was cute of Emma with Addie! Look at her feet turned up.

Emma and the twins!

Look how content they are!

Here is Emma petting Alex. Addie doesn't know what's going on!

Too cute for words!

And then she goes in for the kiss! Oh dear, we are in trouble!

And sweet Addie just being a babydoll.

Thank you Jennifer and Dale for having dinner with us and putting up with Emma's screaming! Your day is coming dear friends. :) Bloggers, here is the link to their blog-

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Bwoon (As Emma Says)

Today we met Daddy at Rosie's for some awesome fajitas and Emma got her a bwoon! She's carried that bwoon everywhere today. Also, thanks to Carly Frounfelker, Emma is wearing a cute ladybug dress. Carly bought it for her 1st birthday and she can now wear it. Thank you Ms. Carly! :) Also, she is wearing her 2nd pair of new shoes today. When we went to Florida earlier this year Gabby bought Emma these Keds at the Stride Rite outlet. She was all decked out for our trip to Maggie Moo's tonight.

And a special thanks to Jamie at Bows 2 Cute for the adorable ladybug hair clip. For Emma's 1st bday she sent her several little button clips that were so cute and they stay in her hair so well! Thank you Jamie!