Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We Are Back!

Sorry for the long delay in post but we've been in TN since last Thursday. We went up there for Labor Day and got to visit with our old friends and lots of family. I always get a little homesick after going up there but it did feel good to get home yesterday morning.

Last Tuesday Emma had her 18 month appt and I forgot to mention her stats.

Weight-21 lbs 4 oz Wowsers!
Length-32 inches Double Wowsers!

Dr. Dudley was really impressed with her as usual and had the best things to say about Emma. Once again, I lied to my sweet baby thinking she wouldn't have to get any shots, but wouldn't you know, she had to get 2. :( It was pitiful but she only cried for a second. As she gets older the shots definitely get harder for Mommy. But she behaved so well and I was so incredibly proud of her!

Now onto some sad news. My pa (mom's dad) had a quadruple bipass a couple of years ago. I found out yesterday that his big vein in his neck is now clogged so they have to do surgery to clean it out. I haven't heard when the surgery is but if you could keep my pa and our family in your thoughts we would sure appreciate it!

That's all I've got for now. We are getting ready to head to the grocery store once Miss Priss wakes up from her nap. Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend and I'll post some pics soon.

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Abercrombie Girl said...

Hi Brandy!
I hope you get to come over this friday! Call us....
:) ;)