Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

Best friends forver, Emma Grace and Ella Grace. They met on Emma's birth day in the Huntsville NICU and will forever share a bond of the 1 pounder club. :) I've mentioned miss Ella before but in case you didn't know, Ella was born at 28 wks due to her mommy have pre-e just like me and we also share the same OBGYN. Before we ever met Dr. Cimino had told me Kylie's story (without using her name) and he also told Kylie about me and how I was going through the same thing she did. Once we met in the NICU we both said "you're the one Dr. Cimino was talking about!" We've been friends ever since! Sweet Kylie shared Ella's stuffed animals and receiving blankets with Emma during her 1st week and I will always be forever grateful for that. Kylie helped me so so much during those first few weeks and gave me so much hope for my little miracle. :)

The girls have seen each other once or twice since being in the NICU together and finally today we had a much needed playdate. It was like the girls had known each other forever and it melted my heart. They played together so well and Emma even fed Ella cheerios. I can't wait to have them over again!

The girls eating cheerios

Emma feeding Ella

Now this was the cutest thing ever! Kylie and I were sitting in the living room just chatting away and George went to check on the girls. Apparently Ella had locked Emma in Braxton's cage in the kitchen and they were having so much fun! We got tons of cute pics of it but here are a couple.

Ella is such a little love bug. She went up to George and wanted him to pick her up and read to her. Soooo sweet! Then Emma saw what was going on and wanted her daddy too. That just made my day!

I forgot to mention that Kylie now has a 4 month old son named Lucas Christopher. He is the cutest most adorable little man! Today was my first time meeting him and I'm so in love with him. He has the most beautiful little face and I can see so much of Ella in him. It seems so long ago that Emma and Ella were at that stage. And just think, both girls came home at 3 months.

Here is Emma offering Lucas some of her juice. At least she wanted to share!

And big man Lucas. We won't talk about me cutting his fingernails for Kylie and making him bleed. It was horrible! I still feel so bad. :( Sorry Kylie!

And the girls just playing again. Isn't Ella so sweet? Look at that blonde hair!

It looks like they are chatting here. Must have been a good story!

Miss Priss Ella Grace! Come back soon sweet girl. Emma misses you!

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