Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Emma Bemma!

Today since it was in the 50's I took Emma to Dublin Park to play. We get so tired of being cramped up in the house & it felt good to get some fresh air. Emma kept saying "Mommy, this is so great!" while she was swinging and she had a blast!

She loves to swing more than anything!

Now we are ready for some cold weather tomorrow!

This smile just melts my heart!

First check out the double chin...

and then the sweetest little boy smile ever...he loves his mommy! His shirt says so.

A friend of mine bought Hudson this shirt when he came home from the hospital & it is 0-3 months. It has been hanging in the closet ever since and I kept thinking that it was huge but he would eventually fit into it. Well today I decided to give it a try but still thought it was not going to work...WRONG! It is almost too small! ha! I can't get over how fast he is growing and soon he's going to be in 3-6 month clothes. I only have 1 or 2 outfits that are 3-6 months so on Saturday I'm hitting up Old Navy to get him some new clothes. My sweet little chunky monkey! His poor little sister can't seem to get past 25 lbs but that's probably because she doesn't eat. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some New Pics...

Not too much to report right now & I'm trying to hurry with this post before Hudson wakes up and is ready to eat! When the boy is hungry he is hungry NOW! He does this cute little fake cough thing when he's hungry and let me tell you, it is so sweet! :)

Last weekend George's parents came down to watch the kiddos while G and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We are so thankful that they can come down and babysit for us. On Friday night we went to Connor's at Bridgestreet and on Saturday we watched Avatar. Great movie! I had a wonderful time with George and can't wait for our next date night.

Nothing new with the kiddos besides getting ready for Emma's 3rd birthday in 2 weeks! Can you believe she'll be 3? Not me. I've been having some major anxiety over it (like I do for every birthday) and today I ordered her party supplies. I wasn't going to do a party this year but she keeps talking about having one so we decided to invite a few kids over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Oh and she officially decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba party! She's so obsessed with that show & I'm so sick of watching it! :) But definitely looking forward to the party.

Now for some new pics! These were taken yesterday of Hudson...

He loves to smile at his mommy!

9 weeks old already!

This was taken this morning while I was changing brother's diaper. Emma kept saying "take one of me!" Notice her big yellow bruise? She is so clumsy! She ran into the counters or something in the kitchen over the weekend & that was the result. I'll always ask her "Emma, are you clumsy?" b/c she is and she'll say "no mommy, I'm Emma Bemma!" So funny!

I love this picture! Emma brought Roselyn in and had to lay her next to Hudson. G's parents got this cabbage patch doll for her when Hudson was born and she loves her. Hudson & Roselyn kind of look alike don't ya think? :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Couple of Days!

Hudson had his big 2 month appointment on Tuesday! Poor little guy got 3 shots and the Rotovirus liquid. He cried during the shots but then he was fine as soon as she finished. Emma just wanted to watch him get them and it didn't bother her. Other than that the appointment was uneventful and he goes back toward the end of March for his 4 month. :)

Here's a few little facts about little man at 2 months:
  • He's still drinking on average 3.5 oz every 3 hours (except he's not been drinking as much since his shots)
  • Wakes up usually once in the middle of the night and then early in the morning
  • Still sleeps majority of the day
  • Started smiling and cooing earlier this week!
  • Very happy content baby
  • Goes a few days between dirty diapers now. That's nice!
  • Loves to swing and just lay in the floor and look around
  • Still not a huge fan of baths
  • Just recently started drinking formula 1-2 times a day-Similac Sensitive (orange label)
That's all I can think of right now. Hudson is still such a good baby and I love to just shower him in kisses! Emma is still doing good with him but I can tell she's been more jealous these past couple of weeks. I am trying to get better at giving her more attention but sometimes it is just hard.

Now for more exciting news! Aunt Patsy & Uncle Dennis sent the kids a package the other day and Emma LOVES the feathers they sent. She wears this all the time!

I've been so ecstatic that Hudson is smiling & cooing and I finally got proof! :) I took these pics this morning while changing his diaper and I had to move fast. I just love that big gummy smile!

And our last big thing this week was getting Emma's very 1st haircut today! Anna cuts our hair so we took her there. Emma did fairly well but she was a little scared. She didn't cry though. All we did was trim the dead ends and she evened it out a little. I wanted to cry as we drove there this morning but then once we got there I was fine. It's just another part of her growing up and I just can't take it sometimes. I need change in small doses. :) With her 3rd birthday quickly approaching I'm trying to hold it all together and not be sad. It's hard having the 1st baby grow up!

George's face is priceless! She was being such a big girl!

Her and those silly faces!

And another...

Emma and Anna! We just love Anna to death and so glad to have her give Emma her 1st haircut. We are saving a little bit of hair & it's in an envelope right now. Afterwards Emma got to go pick out a sucker and she also got some sweeties. She was really happy!

To top our week off, tomorrow is mine and George's 5 year wedding anniversary! His parents are coming down tomorrow so we are planning on dinner at Connor's and hopefully watching Avatar on Saturday. We have been together a total of 9 years this year & married 5...can't believe it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Had Company Today!

Today my aunt Starlena & Uncle John came down to visit from Cookeville! It was their first time meeting Hudson and they also brought down Christmas presents. Emma was thrilled to see more presents! We had a wonderful visit with them and even went to eat at Rosie's. It was a great day!

Emma got Minnie Mouse! She's been playing with her all day!

Bling bling! While we were at Disney this summer Starlena picked up a Belle necklace & earrings for Emma. They are so cute & Emma loves them!

Now on to Hudson's present! Emma wants to open everything she sees whether it is hers or not. :)

Cheeeeese! Hudson will love his new mat...and I'm sure Emma will too!

Starlena got some good lovin time with Hudson :)

So sweet!

Group shot!

Yesterday afternoon George and Hudson (George Jr) fell asleep on the couch. I just couldn't resist this picture. George might kill me later (ha ha) but it is so sweet and they look so cute together. My 2 favorite boys! Now if only Hudson had glasses...

Oh and today Hudson is 8 weeks old!!! We are going to take some pics tonight so I'll get those posted later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Pics

Remember the static?

It is driving me INSANE!

Hudson loves to lay on the floor and just look around. He has starting making noises here and there and he even smiled at me being silly this morning! I've been working on making him smile for awhile and yesterday I thought he did, but I know without a doubt this morning it was the real thing. :)

My 3 babies laying around...

Anytime I take a picture of Hudson Emma has to have her picture made too. This is what she does when you ask her to smile!

I couldn't resist a picture of my first baby-Braxton. He gets left out alot these days. :(

Emma hugging her brother

And kisses too!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

So I just read that the temp got over 60 degrees today! Wow! Too bad we haven't been outside. I got the kids all loaded up earlier in the car and we were going to get a coffee, Emma a cookie, and just drive around...well the car wouldn't start. :( Ru-Rus thinks it might be the battery so George is going to pick up a new one on the way home from work and hopefully that will fix it. So we've been stuck. Now for some new pics!

Emma using her chalk board for the first time a couple of days ago. She loves it!

Last night Daddy gave Hudson a bath for the 1st time all by himself. Hudson is still not a fan of bathtime unless you are pouring water on him.

LOVE this expression!

And I had to show off his outie belly button. It's so cute!

Today our friends/neighbors came over to see Hudson for the 1st time. L-R Emma (4 yrs), Grace (almost 3 yrs), and my Emma Grace! Too funny! They also have a brother James that just turned a year old in November. They are so cute.

Nothing else to report this week. On Tuesday Hudson has his 2 month pedi appt & will get some shots. :( Then next Friday is mine & George's 5 year wedding anniversary! This year will make 9 years that we've been together. We'll probably just do dinner & hopefully watch a movie but that's about it. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Man This Morning...

Hudson beside me on the floor while I pumped. Emma was kind enough to share her blankie with him! She very rarely does that!

Oh how I just love having a baby again! I feel like I can enjoy it a little more this time around. Not that I didn't enjoy Emma as a baby more than anything in the world but it is just easier this time around. So sweet! He is a great cuddler!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hearts and Craps!

This morning I asked Emma if she wanted to do some arts & crafts. She loves to use her scissors & glue. So she was all excited and then said "mommy, are we going to do hearts and craps?" and I said "no Emma, arts and crafts" trying to place emphasis on each word. Once again she says "no mommy, hearts and craps." Oh the funny things two year olds say. She truly thinks it is called hearts and crafts! She has always called it that but I want to make sure we all remember it.

Here's a few pictures from tummy time this morning. Hudson has some great head control so when I remember I try to let him do tummy time. He likes it for a few minutes and then he's over it. Don't you think he's looking alot older??? I can't believe how fast they grow! He's such a sweet little boy...

Emma wanted to lay on her blanket with him & asked for their picture to be taken together...

One of the princess!

Love the little look on his face here...

He's such a precious little baby and I still can't believe he's mine! It seems like just yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it positive. My how time flies!