Saturday, January 9, 2010

NICU/Huntsville Havoc Night!

Tonight was the 3rd or 4th annual (can't remember) NICU fundraiser at the Huntsville Havoc hockey game. This was our 3rd year going (I think) and it was a blast! Yeah it was definitely our 3rd year b/c the first year Emma was young and then last year we met Kylie and Ella there and this year. Okay, I'm not officially crazy yet. :) George stayed home with Hudson and we met our dear friends there again. I think I could talk to Kylie for hours and never run out of things to say. They are a blast to be around. When we were leaving the game tonight Emma kept saying "I don't want to go home. I want to go to the hockey game!" She was so tired and fell asleep not long after we got in the car. It was a great night!

Kylie & Ella Grace who is now 3 years old! Our girls are getting too big!

It was impossible to get them to smile & look at me simultaneously. What a hoot!

We loaded them up on popcorn & Dr. Pepper...

For the NICU game night they give away an item to the first 1,000 people that bring in items for the NICU and this year they gave away a cute cute lunchbox! The girls just loved their lunchboxes and once again, I couldn't get a picture of them looking at me together. One or the other was inspecting the lunchbox while the other looked.

This year all of the Havoc players wore jerseys with footprints on them that represent some of the children that were in the NICU. Emma's footprints are on the jerseys and they let us get a picture made with the whole Havoc team after the game! It was so exciting (and COLD!) and I can't wait to see the picture. Here we are waiting to go on the ice. We are supposed to get a copy of the picture so hopefully I can show it. They also auctioned off the jerseys after the game again but we didn't stay for it this year b/c Emma was tired and it was soooo cold. I can't wait to hear how much money was raised for the NICU.

In other news, this morning Emma came out of her room and said she was going to town to buy something for her baby Rosalyn. She cracks me up! I loved how she was dressed to go town so I had to take a pic. She kept wearing this around ALL day. :)

Lastly, we have had so much static on our microsuede couches recently and it really affects Emma and her hair. Well last Sunday I bought Static Guard stuff and sprayed it on but it made it worse! I'm not very happy about it. We have been shocking each other left & right and our clothes are all full of static. Ugh, it's a nightmare! But it is so funny b/c Emma's hair will stand straight out when she gets near the couches and George finally got a picture of it before the game. It's really funny when her hair is down too. Hopefully it will get better soon. Tomorrow I might take dryer sheets & run them over the couches. Awful!

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