Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hudson & Hayden!

Today we went to Chad & Jessica's house to play with Hayden. Hayden arrived 5 days before Hudson and we share the same OB. She came out with a head full of dark hair and is just the sweetest little thing! Her Hudson are about the same size and just so darling together. She is Hudson's other girlfriend b/c he already has two. :)

Hayden has some gorgeous blue eyes!

Look how cute they are! I could just love on them all day long!

Just chillaxin!

Both babies were laying on the floor at one point and chewing on their fist!

LOVE her eyes!

They are both a little wobbly!

"Mom, she's invading my space!"

Awww, so so so sweet! Oh I just me some babies!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Emma's Big Girl Comforter!

For the past year I've been looking for Emma a super cute girly comforter for her bed. I've always loved the ones at Pottery Barn but I couldn't make up my mind on which one and they can be rather pricey. So now 1 year later I finally broke down and ordered one! I'm so bad at making decisions. I stress over it and lose sleep over it (crazy I know) and I'm so proud of myself for making it happen. :) When the UPS man pulled up I was jumping up and down inside! Emma loves it and immediately jumped under the covers to sleep (didn't last long). I wasn't going to get yellow but I just couldn't stop thinking about the Emily Quilt. Now I have to get her some new bed sheets b/c hers don't match at all and she needs a bed skirt. PB's were just too expensive for me.

And a cute picture of my two babies this morning in our bed. Hudson will just stare at Emma and smile. Love it!

Oh and Hudson GIGGLED for the very first time 2 nights ago while Daddy was barking at him. Strange I know. I kept trying to upload the video of it yesterday but blogger won't upload my videos anymore. Maybe it's our new camera. He's also been sleeping through the night the past 3 nights!!! Finally at 13 weeks he's got it down. He normally doesn't go to bed though until 10 or 11pm but he sleeps till 6am and I will take it!

We have a really busy weekend. Tonight we are going to Paul & Carmen's house for dinner/games...tomorrow shopping for a MINI-VAN!!! :) Then tomorrow night our friend Katie is coming over for dinner and then on Sunday we are going to visit Miss Hayden!!! Going to be a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prayers for My Granny & Pictures Galore!

First of all, tomorrow is my Granny Scott's birthday and she is having back surgery at good ol Vanderbilt Hospital. She's been down there since yesterday receiving two blood transfusions b/c the chemo she is on has made her platelets really low. The surgery itself shouldn't take long I've been told and she should get to go home on Thursday but it is still scary. She could use lots of prayers and positive thoughts these next couple of days. :)

Not a whole lot to report here except for the 1st time ever Hudson has slept over 8 hours!!! He's 13 weeks now and I'm hoping he continues to sleep all night. It's so nice to get more than 4 hours at a time. He also has been eating more today. Every 3 hours today he has eaten 4-4.5 oz which is more than normal. Such a big boy these days!

Over the weekend we had such a blast with the warm weather and playing outside. We went to Bridgestreet, rode the teacups, and went to Dublin Park. Now it's back to the 40's. :(

Oh and I forgot to update about Emma's 3 year appointment with Dr. Dudley! We went on Feb. 11th. Emma was 26 lbs at the office (24 lbs at home) and 36 inches tall. She can ride most of the rides at Disney being 36 inches! :) She didn't get any shots or anything and Dr. Dudley was very proud of her. Mommy was proud too b/c I took both kiddos by myself having to carry a sleeping emma in one arm and Hudson in his carseat in the other. Mommy got a workout! I also have to note that Emma is a master Candyland player. We've played 3 or 4 times together now and she beats me every single time! It's so exciting to play games with her and I look forward to family game nights as the kids get older. Now on to pictures...

This morning Emma was sporting her high heels with her pjs...hard to see in this pic.

She is quite the photographer these days! She will take pictures around the house for an hour if I let her. She loves to photograph me, Hudson, her Sesame Street babies and so on. So cute!

She lined them all up (as usual) for a group picture and then she did individual shots.

I got out the Jumparoo today that my grandparents bought Emma. I know he is still young but I need to get it cleaned up b/c soon he'll be jumping away! I sat him in it for a sec & snapped a couple of pics. He fell asleep on me. :)

Look at those CHUBBY cheeks! He's so darn precious!

Emma and her artwork! I love her pictures. She told me this was Foofa.

And last but not least Emma exercising with Mommy! :) I've been doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and Emma likes to do it with me. She always wears crazy outfits & it cracks me up. Today it was her Minnie Mouse pj top, cute little apron, and her slippers. What a hoot!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Precious Babies

We've been rather busy these past couple of days and this weekend is going to be super busy so I thought I better post new pics now while I have a chance! Emma has had a cold this week and ran a low fever but luckily she is getting better. I also had a girls night out with Ashli last night and we went to Carabba's for dinner and then the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan was A-MAZING! Loved every minute of it! I sure was tired today but it was so worth it.

Now on to some new pics from tonight...

Hudson and his serious you like his combover? he he! It was bath night. :)

He is just too precious for words!

LOVE this one! I'm one proud happy momma!

And my princess! This was after her bath and her hair hadn't been brushed yet. She is so beautiful even with snot all over her face. :)

Gotta show off those beautiful eyelashes! And just bypass the boogies in her nose!

And wild man sittin in the bumbo...or dumbo seat as Emma calls it!

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12 Weeks Old!

Our sweet little man is already 12 weeks old! I keep saying where has the time gone? I just can't believe how much faster time flies when you have 2 kids. I had so much more spare time with Emma and now my days just fly by and I can't stay caught up with anything it feels like. But I love it! I'm telling ya, he is the sweetest baby boy I have ever seen. His smile just lights up any room and he is so very good. I love my little boy so much and can't imagine our life without him. Love love love him!

Here's a few things about Hudson at 12 weeks old:
  • still eating 3.5-4 oz most feedings every 3 hours
  • I'm guessing he weighs 13-14 lbs
  • sleeps the day away still!
  • wakes up 1x night, eats and goes right back to sleep
  • has the most infectious smile
  • has a sweet little laugh but still waiting on the big belly laugh
  • he loves to just lay on the floor and look around (he loves the ceiling fan/tv)
  • wears 3-6 month clothes but due to length he will be out of those soon
  • size 2 diapers-Huggies & Pampers Swaddlers but I think the Huggies are my fav
  • takes a soothie paci occasionally
  • size 2 nipples on his bottles
That's all I can think of for now. He's just growing like a weed and such a blessing. He's always so content and very rarely cries. He still does his cute little cough/snort when he's hungry and I just love it. :)

Nothing much going on other than enjoying the snow we've been getting and looking forward to spring/summer. I got Emma signed up for MDO starting in August on Tuesday/Thursdays from 9-1pm. I'm hoping and praying she doesn't get sick every week b/c it will break my heart. I think she will really enjoy school though and it'll give Hudson and I some time together.

I'll do my best to take some new pictures this week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Been Awhile!

It feels like I've been gone forever from the blogworld but I guess it's only been maybe a week. We took the kids home for the 1st time since Hudson's been born and we hadn't been home since last August or September! That's definitely the longest stretch of time that we've not been to Cookeville/Sparta ever!

Last Wednesday the 10th was Emma's 3rd birthday and we just stayed around the house since George had to work. We did go to Emma & Grace's house for a playdate and then had a nice spaghetti dinner & opened just a couple of presents. We only got her a few little things b/c we plan to purchase a wooden swingset soon. Then on Thursday night after George got home from work we headed to TN and just got home yesterday. We had lots of people to see so there was no downtime but it was fun. Now we are back to hanging around the house and enjoyed the snow this morning! :)

Emma on the morning of her birthday. I couldn't get her to stop watching tv long enough for a picture!

Emma & Grace got her this cute Dora dress up outfit and she loves it! She wants to wear it all the time & twirl around like a princess.

Emma & Isaac LOVE the computer and can navigate by themselves on NickJr, PBS Kids, and Disney Playhouse. I caught them playing on it and had to snap some pictures.

They didn't know I was watching!

These pictures are from my Granny Scott's house. Kay, who has known me forever & lives down the street from Granny, came down to see Emma & Hudson. My cousin Kelsey also came down & loved on Hudson. He looks so peaceful & content...

Emma, Granny Scott, Kelsey and Hudson

Kelsey & Hudson snuggling

On Saturday we headed over to Granny Dunham's house & she got in on the Hudson snuggling. He is such a great snuggler. :) Granny cooked us some yummy food & we got to see Uncle Arnold too. I'm ready to go back home!

Relaxing on the couch

We are home & finishing up laundry and George is off to work. I'm super excited about this week b/c Thursday night is the Jason Aldean concert & Ashli and I are pumped about going! He's a country artist for those that don't know.

Time to get busy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Few More Pics...

While I have time here are some more pics!

These are of Emma opening her birthday gifts from Gabby & Ru-Rus last night.

These were taken a few minutes ago of Hudson and Emma.
Hudson loves his mommy!

Emma and all her cuteness!

Hudson can walk!

Cute little grin...about to get a bath.

Bath time! He looks so serious...or like an old man!

More Birthday Party Pictures!

Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl! I ordered this cute Foofa shirt from Speck by Becky Jones. I love her shirts!

The Yo Gabba Gabba stuff. I really liked the boombox gifts for the kids.

Ella, Emma, and Nicholas eating their pizza

I made a Muno poster and we played tape the eye on Muno b/c he has one big eye in the middle of his face. Emma got to go first and she didn't understand that the whole point of the game is you can't see where you are sticking the eye. She cheated of course by tilting her head back so she could see underneath the blindfold. It was so funny!

Emma and Muno...I think I'm going to leave him up for awhile. He makes our front door look super nice. :)

Emma with a big bite of cake in her mouth.

Everyone enjoying the cake & ice cream!

Present time! Ella got her these really fun building blocks and Emma has played with them all day. Love them!

This awesome little Pony toy was from the Givens family and it is so much fun! The pony rides on a scooter and it has a remote control to make her go forward or spin in circles. Emma and Mommy have so much fun with it!

Pinata time! Yes, we had a pinata in our living room in front of our nice flatscreen tv. :) I had originally planned to do it in the garage but it was so cold yesterday so Ru-Rus rigged up this pole and it worked out perfectly! The boombox was so strong that it took forever to break but it finally did and the kiddos cleaned up the candy fast. I know the parents loved me after all that candy.

Emma was so girly and delicate while hitting the pinata.

Ali, who is maybe 1.5 wanted to take a turn also and then she wanted to do it again. She is so cute!


Emma and Logan examining their candy. Logan is just a few months younger than Emma.

Brooks gathering as much candy as possible!

Emma posing beside Muno with his multiple eyes!

Overall the party was a success! I had stressed for weeks over this party but we had so much fun. I love having people over to the house and Emma enjoyed playing with all of her friends. I've already told George that next year we are going to the Jump Zone or the Little Gym or somewhere that will host parties. I swear I spent more money on all the little stuff and stressed so much that going somewhere would be much easier. But I'm glad we did it & Emma was happy. That's all that matters really. :) Her official birthday is this Wednesday the 10th and tomorrow I'm going to attempt to enroll her in Mother's Day Out at a church near our house. Hopefully she will get a spot! Then on Thursday she has her 3 year appointment with Dr. Dudley. We have a busy week ahead!