Friday, February 26, 2010

Emma's Big Girl Comforter!

For the past year I've been looking for Emma a super cute girly comforter for her bed. I've always loved the ones at Pottery Barn but I couldn't make up my mind on which one and they can be rather pricey. So now 1 year later I finally broke down and ordered one! I'm so bad at making decisions. I stress over it and lose sleep over it (crazy I know) and I'm so proud of myself for making it happen. :) When the UPS man pulled up I was jumping up and down inside! Emma loves it and immediately jumped under the covers to sleep (didn't last long). I wasn't going to get yellow but I just couldn't stop thinking about the Emily Quilt. Now I have to get her some new bed sheets b/c hers don't match at all and she needs a bed skirt. PB's were just too expensive for me.

And a cute picture of my two babies this morning in our bed. Hudson will just stare at Emma and smile. Love it!

Oh and Hudson GIGGLED for the very first time 2 nights ago while Daddy was barking at him. Strange I know. I kept trying to upload the video of it yesterday but blogger won't upload my videos anymore. Maybe it's our new camera. He's also been sleeping through the night the past 3 nights!!! Finally at 13 weeks he's got it down. He normally doesn't go to bed though until 10 or 11pm but he sleeps till 6am and I will take it!

We have a really busy weekend. Tonight we are going to Paul & Carmen's house for dinner/games...tomorrow shopping for a MINI-VAN!!! :) Then tomorrow night our friend Katie is coming over for dinner and then on Sunday we are going to visit Miss Hayden!!! Going to be a great weekend!

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Amy said...

LB has the same comforter from PBK and she loves it!! I just love their stuff. What a big girl she is! :)