Monday, November 30, 2009

Our 1st Night Home with Hudson

Hudson came home yesterday (Sunday 11/29/09). He only spent 6 days in NICU and would've been home sooner if his bili levels wouldn't have been so high. It is so different having a healthy newborn with no oxygen and heart monitor! So far he has done a lot of sleeping and wakes every 3-4 hours to eat. The middle of the night feedings weren't so bad either. Hopefully he will be our good sleeper (unlike Emma!)

Today we took him to see Dr. Dudley and to recheck his bili levels. All of the nurses were so excited to meet him and everyone is amazed at how big he is! Today he weighed in at 6 lbs 5.5 oz. I'm sure in no time he will be back up to 7 lbs because he eats like a champ!

Emma is adjusting well. She has been so wonderful and just wants to help do everything. She will constantly ask me if we can go look at baby Hudson while he sleeps and so far we've let her hold him and she held the bottle earlier while he ate. She also smothers him in kisses and loves to just touch him. :) Love my babies!

Gabby and Ru-Rus left a few minutes ago. They've been helping us with Emma for about 3 weeks now and I already feel lost with them not here. I might have to do dishes and laundry now. :( Overall the transition has been smooth but check back next week when George goes back to work!

Daddy & Emma put our Christmas tree up yesterday...Emma helped fluff the branches!

Hudson in his going home outfit. I love how he curls his little hands!

In the carseat about to go home!

1st car ride

Time to meet sister! She was so excited to meet him!

Holding him for the 1st time this morning...she was cheesing so big! She's very careful with him.

Mommy loves this picture!

We took the camera to the pedi office but forgot to take a picture of him on the scale. Here he is after the stuck his heel and he's ready to go home!

Right now it is so easy to forget that he is here b/c he is so quiet and sleeps so much. I'm sure that will change soon though!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hudson Pictures!

Well I am finally home but Mr. H is still in the NICU. Yesterday they reran his bili levels and they were over 18 and they needed to be under 13 so that bought him a couple more days at the hospital. Hopefully he will be coming home tomorrow as long as his bili levels come back normal in the morning. I'm so ready to let Emma meet him and just snuggle on the couch with him! I do have to say that it is so different this time around than it was with Emma. He's completely normal, eats great, and he just doesn't seem quite as delicate. Oh and he has so much hair I love it! Now on to the pics!

My 7 lb 1 oz boy! I about died when they told me!

Getting checked in to the NICU. Mrs. Patty (left) was actually the nurse that checked Emma in when she was born. So neat! And Mrs. Sandy (right) took care of Emma most of the time she was there and we love her!

Chillaxin in his warmer...he was breathing fast when he was born so they gave him some CPAP for a few hours.

Isn't he sweet? He is so alert and loves to look around when he hears voices.

Daddy giving him a bottle for the 1st time. Did I mention that he loves to eat?? :)

Love this picture! Those eyes just melt me.

He looks just like his daddy! Oh and he sneezes constantly just like Daddy. Poor baby!

And under the bili lights today. He wasn't happy to have his glasses on.

That's it for now. Gabby & Ru-Rus went to visit Hudson in the NICU tonight during grandparent's time so George and I are home putting the Christmas tree up with Emma. I still get exhausted very easily and it feels good to finally sleep in my bed! Hopefully tomorrow he will be coming home and I'll try to update if it isn't too crazy. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video time!

Baby Hudson is here!

Hi all. We just wanted to let everyone know that George Hudson Titsworth was born yesterday around 11:00. Everything went well. Hudson weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 1oz, which is the exactly the opposite of Emma's 1lb 7ozs. What are we going to do with a 7lb baby?!? Since he was still 35 weeks, he was having a little trouble breathing on his own, so he ended up going for a stay in the NICU.

He ended up going onto C-PAP with some oxygen support. He was slowly decreasing his need for oxygen last night, and when we checked on him this morning, he was off completely! Hopefully the road will stay clear and we will be home with our baby this weekend.

Brandy had to go back on Magnesium due to her pre-eclampsia, so she is feeling rotten, but that should end today, and then we will be able to start the healing process.

Here are some pictures. We'll try to post more soon:

Hudson getting cleaned up.

First time with mommy!

And finally, after he was prepped in the NICU. What a big boy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hudson's Birthday Eve!

In honor of Hudson's big birth tomorrow I thought I would post some pictures from Miss Emma's first few days of life. Her beginning was so much different and it is so hard to look back at these pictures now with Hudson arriving tomorrow. Just knowing that she was only 1 lb and had to fight so hard for her little life & then Hudson should be in the 5 lb range and healthy just blows my mind. I'm so excited to have an easier delivery & hopefully no NICU stay, and it just breaks my heart to think of what my precious little girl had to go through. So in honor of Mr. Hudson's arrival here are a few pictures of Emma's arrival. I can't wait for her to meet her big baby brother! It's going to be such a sweet day!

One of Emma's first pics...these pics don't do her 1 lb body justice. You just had to see her in person to realize just how small she was. I thought the day would never come when all of the tubes & wires would come off.

Her sweet little pink bow!

I always hated how the tape/tubes pulled on her little face. :( She just looks so peaceful and precious here.

I can't wait to share pictures of Hudson and hopefully bring him home on Thanksgiving or Friday. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy and can't believe I made it to 35 weeks! Tomorrow at this time I plan on snuggling with my new baby boy and giving him lots of hugs and kisses!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reunited With My Princess!

Oh how I've missed my baby girl! She finally made it back home this evening and boy oh boy is mommy happy! I've missed her little cuteness and her sweet little voice. George and I both think she's grown a few inches in the past week too. So now I get to love on her until Monday morning and then she'll finally get to meet her little brother. :)

Here she is jumping on her daddy. She loves to play with her daddy!

And falling on Daddy again...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hudson Is Arriving on Monday!!!

I'm so excited I don't know how I'm going to make it through the weekend!

Around 5:15pm or so my OB called me to let me know they had my 24 hour urine test back. It definitely freaked me out when he called me because I was not expecting that whatsoever. So I immediately ask if everything was okay and he said yes. Then he goes on to say that I still had protein in my urine & it was enough that I once again have pre-eclampsia. However, it is still mild which is how we want it to stay. He went on to tell me that that don't give steroid shots over 34 weeks and that Hudson should be fine. I will be 35 weeks when he is born and that is almost 10 weeks farther than I made it with Emma. So that's awesome! The doctor actually tried to schedule me for tomorrow (Friday) but the OR is booked solid until the late afternoon and so Monday the 23rd it is! The earliest they could get me in unless I become a big emergency is 11am so Hudson should be here by lunch. I have to arrive at 9am and get prepped. Luckily we got pretty much everything squared away last weekend and I got the car seat installed yesterday so I feel ready. Just a few finishing touches & lots of loving on my Emma and we are ready. Hopefully we can both come on Thursday (Thanksgiving) or Friday. I really hope he gets to come home with us. :)

Emma is still in Cookeville with her grandparents and having a blast. She's been there since Tuesday and I've not really even talked to her. :( They are bringing her back on Saturday so I can spend time with her before the big day. I'm sad that her little world is about to change but I think she's going to be the BEST big sister! We've talked so much about him so hopefully she won't freak out on us. George and I got her a new Elmo Christmas DVD tonight and a couple of other goodies so we'll give that to her too.

Well that's it for now. I will have to post pics once Emma gets home on Saturday and a last pregnant belly picture. On Monday we will officially be a family of four!!! Wish us luck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Trip To Labor & Delivery!

I've now made my 2nd trip to L&D and I'm hoping there isn't a third! With Emma I spent all 3 weeks in an Antepartum room and let me tell you they are sooo much nicer and comfortable than those silly L&D rooms. It all started today with my 34 week appointment. My blood pressure was 155/98 which is good for me during pregnancy so we didn't worry too much. Then my protein came back as +2 and I've been gaining some major weight so Dr. Cimino sent me to get bloodwork done, monitor Mr. Hudson, and they did another urine sample. Luckily my bloodwork came back normal but I still had protein in my urine as well as bacteria. They said I might have an UTI but never said for sure so who knows! Apparently I'm also having lots of contractions but I don't know if they are Braxton Hicks or not. The nurse asked me a couple of times if I could feel one and I couldn't but then I realized I've been having these for a good month now. They ended up and sent me home and now I'm doing a 24 hour urine test which I will return on Wednesday. Fun times! :) I'm not sure what will happen when those results come back but if nothing happens I will have another appointment on Monday. I am definitely feeling like Hudson will make an appearance within the next couple of weeks but who knows. So for now I'm to rest and stay hydrated.

Also my fav in-laws came down on Friday & were going to leave after my appointment today but due to the excitement they stayed and kept Emma so George could be with me. We have gotten so much done this weekend and now I officially feel ready for Hudson. On Wednesday I'm having the infant car seat installed & then he can come anytime after that. :)

So that's it for now. Mommy is tired and too lazy to post pics right now from last week. Maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well it's a quiet night in our house. Emma of course didn't have a nap today so around 5:20ish this evening she started getting whiney and wanted to "rest" on the couch. Since being pregnant these past several weeks I always tell Emma that mommy is going to rest on the couch which means I'm going to close my eyes for about 30 minutes so Emma had to use that on me tonight. :) I really didn't want her going to sleep yet and she never had dinner but around 6:15pm we put her to bed. Poor thing doesn't sound comfortable and her snot nose & cough are bothering her a little bit. Luckily no fever and I think she is just really tired but we'll see as the night goes on and tomorrow. I might call the pediatrician in the morning. We've been doing her old school nebulizer all week 2x a day but she just can't get the junk out. Anyways, George is laying down in bed just in case she wakes up in the middle of the night ready to party. :) So I have a really quiet house all to myself & plan on being a couch potato in a few minutes which is what I do best these days. Luckily I straightened up the house before G got home so it is clean! Peace & quiet.

Today we were super lazy. My inlaws are planning on coming down this weekend so I'm hoping that will help motivate me to not sit on the couch so much. ha! I really need to finalize things for Hudson & I think with them here I might just get some stuff done.

Okay now for the fun part-pictures! Both of my batteries are charged so I have no excuse for not taking pics of the princess. She played hard today & she even got to paint! Enjoy!

Dancing to the music! She loves this keyboard so much! This is what she wears everyday-pj top and panties. :)

The girl LOVES to paint! She was in the middle of her "E" at this point.

She also loves to do smiley faces. She kept calling this pictures a little girl & I love her big ears she gave her. Must be some big hoop earrings.

And mommy painted a flower so she wanted to paint one too. I was impressed with her flower!

Dress up time! She wanted to wear her purple princess dress and her pink tutu underneath. The kid cracks me up!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 9, 2009

33 Week Doctor Appt

Today was the fastest appointment I've had in over a month. The past two times I've been to the dr I've been there for over 2 hours. Today I had George take Emma and wouldn't you know it, my appointment was less than 45 minutes! Overall it was boring. No protein in my urine, blood pressure is high but not enough to do medication or anything. I've had some swelling that comes and goes and yes, I had a super high weight gain these past two weeks. I'm talking 10-12 lbs in 2 weeks! UGH! I've even been drinking lots of water but he told me not to stress over it. I've also had a rather constant headache since Thursday but since everything else checked out okay I must be fine. He did put me on weekly visits from here on out so now I go back next Monday. That makes me very happy just in case something was to change quickly. He really wants me to stay pregnant for the next few weeks since the baby is doing lots of growing and the lungs are still developing. I think I can do that. :) I just keep telling myself "3-5 weeks, I can do it." This pregnancy thing is hard!

Now I just need to finish preparing for Hudson's arrival. I've got a few things left to buy and we need to get the carseat base installed. Hopefully that will get done within the next 2 weeks. It is so exciting to think that I'm so close but all of these sleepless nights makes me think the day will never come. Seriously, I'm good to get 4 hours of sleep a night right now. I wish I could just load up on several nights of sleep before he arrives but it just ain't happening!

I attempted to take a couple of pics of Emma tonight to share but both of my camera batteries were dead so I've got them charging right now. Hopefully tomorrow I can snap a few and share. I think that's it for now...I'm off to watch one of my new shows-Trauma! Love that show!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Are Alive!

I can't believe it has been over a week since I've posted! I tell you though, this whole pregnancy thing has me dragging right now. I feel like a zombie most days due to only a few hours of sleep a night and my body is just so tired all day everyday. I'm thrilled to be 33 weeks though, but it is super hard being pregnant with a 2 year old. She stopped taking naps about 2 weeks ago so she has been going nonstop all day from 6-6:30am to 8pm. It's a long day! For the most part she's been really good but I feel like such a horrible mom when she repeatedly ask me to play with her and I just can't. It's so hard to get on the floor these days and that's where she always wants me. But hopefully once Hudson is born I'll be more mobile & we can play our little hearts out! :)

As for my pregnancy I have right at 5 weeks left b/c my c-section will be scheduled for 38 weeks. There are days when I want to cry thinking about 5 more long weeks but I know it will go by fast. This past Friday I had another blood pressure scare with my bottom number reaching over 100 several times but it would go back down so I declined going to the hospital. The dr said Hudson could have been laying on something in my belly and making it spike up. I have had a headache all weekend too but my blood pressure has been lower since Friday night. Tomorrow I have an appointment so they'll check my urine and stuff then. I was swelling quite a bit Friday too and when I weighed myself on my scale I had about a 11 or 12 lb gain in just under 2 weeks so that's not good but since it was with my scale I'm anxious to see what the doctor's scale says tomorrow. I'm huge!

I don't have any pics to share right now b/c I just haven't been in the mood for anything but maybe I'll get my butt in gear this week and take a few. We need to have our camera looked at & get a lens cleaning b/c our pics have been rather blurry.

Emma is starting to get a cold too. :( She's been so healthy these past several months so I'm sad to see her snotty nose & cough but hopefully that's all it amounts to. She's still her active little happy self so that's good. Today we have been giving her her nebulizer with Albuterol, Pulmicort, and Foradil so that should help her too.

That's all I've got for now. Emma needs to get on the computer while she does her meds and then she's off to bed. A doctor update and pics to come!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating 2009

Last night we had a blast trick or treating! We had been talking about it all week so Emma was all pumped up about getting some candy and being a cute ladybug. We went over to my friend Tracy's house & she had people over and we had some great food. Sweet little Mason who is also 2 came over so the two of them went trick or treating together. They were so incredibly adorable and sweet!

My little gorgeous ladybug!

Making her signature face! She likes to scrunch up her face.

Mrs. Tracy got this wagon out for the kiddos to use. It was a lifesaver!

The kids waiting patiently for someone to answer the door.

Grabbing lots of candy at one of the last houses we went to. If you look close enough you can see the suckers that they tore in to.

Back home and sharing a hug!

We had so much fun and Emma was so good. They kept cracking us up because they both got suckers out of their bags and were eating those as they went to each house. Of all the candy they just wanted a sucker. :) Now Mommy has to taste test all of Emma's candy. :)