Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Are Alive!

I can't believe it has been over a week since I've posted! I tell you though, this whole pregnancy thing has me dragging right now. I feel like a zombie most days due to only a few hours of sleep a night and my body is just so tired all day everyday. I'm thrilled to be 33 weeks though, but it is super hard being pregnant with a 2 year old. She stopped taking naps about 2 weeks ago so she has been going nonstop all day from 6-6:30am to 8pm. It's a long day! For the most part she's been really good but I feel like such a horrible mom when she repeatedly ask me to play with her and I just can't. It's so hard to get on the floor these days and that's where she always wants me. But hopefully once Hudson is born I'll be more mobile & we can play our little hearts out! :)

As for my pregnancy I have right at 5 weeks left b/c my c-section will be scheduled for 38 weeks. There are days when I want to cry thinking about 5 more long weeks but I know it will go by fast. This past Friday I had another blood pressure scare with my bottom number reaching over 100 several times but it would go back down so I declined going to the hospital. The dr said Hudson could have been laying on something in my belly and making it spike up. I have had a headache all weekend too but my blood pressure has been lower since Friday night. Tomorrow I have an appointment so they'll check my urine and stuff then. I was swelling quite a bit Friday too and when I weighed myself on my scale I had about a 11 or 12 lb gain in just under 2 weeks so that's not good but since it was with my scale I'm anxious to see what the doctor's scale says tomorrow. I'm huge!

I don't have any pics to share right now b/c I just haven't been in the mood for anything but maybe I'll get my butt in gear this week and take a few. We need to have our camera looked at & get a lens cleaning b/c our pics have been rather blurry.

Emma is starting to get a cold too. :( She's been so healthy these past several months so I'm sad to see her snotty nose & cough but hopefully that's all it amounts to. She's still her active little happy self so that's good. Today we have been giving her her nebulizer with Albuterol, Pulmicort, and Foradil so that should help her too.

That's all I've got for now. Emma needs to get on the computer while she does her meds and then she's off to bed. A doctor update and pics to come!

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