Monday, November 30, 2009

Our 1st Night Home with Hudson

Hudson came home yesterday (Sunday 11/29/09). He only spent 6 days in NICU and would've been home sooner if his bili levels wouldn't have been so high. It is so different having a healthy newborn with no oxygen and heart monitor! So far he has done a lot of sleeping and wakes every 3-4 hours to eat. The middle of the night feedings weren't so bad either. Hopefully he will be our good sleeper (unlike Emma!)

Today we took him to see Dr. Dudley and to recheck his bili levels. All of the nurses were so excited to meet him and everyone is amazed at how big he is! Today he weighed in at 6 lbs 5.5 oz. I'm sure in no time he will be back up to 7 lbs because he eats like a champ!

Emma is adjusting well. She has been so wonderful and just wants to help do everything. She will constantly ask me if we can go look at baby Hudson while he sleeps and so far we've let her hold him and she held the bottle earlier while he ate. She also smothers him in kisses and loves to just touch him. :) Love my babies!

Gabby and Ru-Rus left a few minutes ago. They've been helping us with Emma for about 3 weeks now and I already feel lost with them not here. I might have to do dishes and laundry now. :( Overall the transition has been smooth but check back next week when George goes back to work!

Daddy & Emma put our Christmas tree up yesterday...Emma helped fluff the branches!

Hudson in his going home outfit. I love how he curls his little hands!

In the carseat about to go home!

1st car ride

Time to meet sister! She was so excited to meet him!

Holding him for the 1st time this morning...she was cheesing so big! She's very careful with him.

Mommy loves this picture!

We took the camera to the pedi office but forgot to take a picture of him on the scale. Here he is after the stuck his heel and he's ready to go home!

Right now it is so easy to forget that he is here b/c he is so quiet and sleeps so much. I'm sure that will change soon though!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Congratulations on such a sweet precious healthy baby!!

Amy said...

He is precious!! And I love the pix of Emma holding her little brother - too cute!