Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Hudson is here!

Hi all. We just wanted to let everyone know that George Hudson Titsworth was born yesterday around 11:00. Everything went well. Hudson weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 1oz, which is the exactly the opposite of Emma's 1lb 7ozs. What are we going to do with a 7lb baby?!? Since he was still 35 weeks, he was having a little trouble breathing on his own, so he ended up going for a stay in the NICU.

He ended up going onto C-PAP with some oxygen support. He was slowly decreasing his need for oxygen last night, and when we checked on him this morning, he was off completely! Hopefully the road will stay clear and we will be home with our baby this weekend.

Brandy had to go back on Magnesium due to her pre-eclampsia, so she is feeling rotten, but that should end today, and then we will be able to start the healing process.

Here are some pictures. We'll try to post more soon:

Hudson getting cleaned up.

First time with mommy!

And finally, after he was prepped in the NICU. What a big boy!


Amy said...

Congratulations Brandy and George! He's beautiful!! Brandy, I am so glad you got to experience a "normal" delivery. It's a long way from the world of Preemies!! LB was more than 7 lbs and we thought she was a giant! :)

Heidi said...

Congratulations! He is so cute! I have been following your blog since you had Emma. I was on pregnancy.org and due in June 2007. It has been so much fun watching little Emma grow up. So glad Hudson made it here safe and sound. We said many prayers for you guys. :)