Monday, November 9, 2009

33 Week Doctor Appt

Today was the fastest appointment I've had in over a month. The past two times I've been to the dr I've been there for over 2 hours. Today I had George take Emma and wouldn't you know it, my appointment was less than 45 minutes! Overall it was boring. No protein in my urine, blood pressure is high but not enough to do medication or anything. I've had some swelling that comes and goes and yes, I had a super high weight gain these past two weeks. I'm talking 10-12 lbs in 2 weeks! UGH! I've even been drinking lots of water but he told me not to stress over it. I've also had a rather constant headache since Thursday but since everything else checked out okay I must be fine. He did put me on weekly visits from here on out so now I go back next Monday. That makes me very happy just in case something was to change quickly. He really wants me to stay pregnant for the next few weeks since the baby is doing lots of growing and the lungs are still developing. I think I can do that. :) I just keep telling myself "3-5 weeks, I can do it." This pregnancy thing is hard!

Now I just need to finish preparing for Hudson's arrival. I've got a few things left to buy and we need to get the carseat base installed. Hopefully that will get done within the next 2 weeks. It is so exciting to think that I'm so close but all of these sleepless nights makes me think the day will never come. Seriously, I'm good to get 4 hours of sleep a night right now. I wish I could just load up on several nights of sleep before he arrives but it just ain't happening!

I attempted to take a couple of pics of Emma tonight to share but both of my camera batteries were dead so I've got them charging right now. Hopefully tomorrow I can snap a few and share. I think that's it for now...I'm off to watch one of my new shows-Trauma! Love that show!

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