Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hudson Is Arriving on Monday!!!

I'm so excited I don't know how I'm going to make it through the weekend!

Around 5:15pm or so my OB called me to let me know they had my 24 hour urine test back. It definitely freaked me out when he called me because I was not expecting that whatsoever. So I immediately ask if everything was okay and he said yes. Then he goes on to say that I still had protein in my urine & it was enough that I once again have pre-eclampsia. However, it is still mild which is how we want it to stay. He went on to tell me that that don't give steroid shots over 34 weeks and that Hudson should be fine. I will be 35 weeks when he is born and that is almost 10 weeks farther than I made it with Emma. So that's awesome! The doctor actually tried to schedule me for tomorrow (Friday) but the OR is booked solid until the late afternoon and so Monday the 23rd it is! The earliest they could get me in unless I become a big emergency is 11am so Hudson should be here by lunch. I have to arrive at 9am and get prepped. Luckily we got pretty much everything squared away last weekend and I got the car seat installed yesterday so I feel ready. Just a few finishing touches & lots of loving on my Emma and we are ready. Hopefully we can both come on Thursday (Thanksgiving) or Friday. I really hope he gets to come home with us. :)

Emma is still in Cookeville with her grandparents and having a blast. She's been there since Tuesday and I've not really even talked to her. :( They are bringing her back on Saturday so I can spend time with her before the big day. I'm sad that her little world is about to change but I think she's going to be the BEST big sister! We've talked so much about him so hopefully she won't freak out on us. George and I got her a new Elmo Christmas DVD tonight and a couple of other goodies so we'll give that to her too.

Well that's it for now. I will have to post pics once Emma gets home on Saturday and a last pregnant belly picture. On Monday we will officially be a family of four!!! Wish us luck!

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