Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hudson Pictures!

Well I am finally home but Mr. H is still in the NICU. Yesterday they reran his bili levels and they were over 18 and they needed to be under 13 so that bought him a couple more days at the hospital. Hopefully he will be coming home tomorrow as long as his bili levels come back normal in the morning. I'm so ready to let Emma meet him and just snuggle on the couch with him! I do have to say that it is so different this time around than it was with Emma. He's completely normal, eats great, and he just doesn't seem quite as delicate. Oh and he has so much hair I love it! Now on to the pics!

My 7 lb 1 oz boy! I about died when they told me!

Getting checked in to the NICU. Mrs. Patty (left) was actually the nurse that checked Emma in when she was born. So neat! And Mrs. Sandy (right) took care of Emma most of the time she was there and we love her!

Chillaxin in his warmer...he was breathing fast when he was born so they gave him some CPAP for a few hours.

Isn't he sweet? He is so alert and loves to look around when he hears voices.

Daddy giving him a bottle for the 1st time. Did I mention that he loves to eat?? :)

Love this picture! Those eyes just melt me.

He looks just like his daddy! Oh and he sneezes constantly just like Daddy. Poor baby!

And under the bili lights today. He wasn't happy to have his glasses on.

That's it for now. Gabby & Ru-Rus went to visit Hudson in the NICU tonight during grandparent's time so George and I are home putting the Christmas tree up with Emma. I still get exhausted very easily and it feels good to finally sleep in my bed! Hopefully tomorrow he will be coming home and I'll try to update if it isn't too crazy. :)

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