Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor Emma!

Right before George got home from work today Emma somehow busted her lip on the rocking chair ottoman. I don't know how she manages to always hurt herself but she does. Poor thing cried and lots of blood was coming out but she's okay. It sure does look painful!

This was Hudson from yesterday I think. We were playing in Emma's room so I propped him up on her pillow. He looks thrilled doesn't he?

Today I was giving Emma dance lessons (poor child!) and she wore her leotard and skirt that Aunt Beth bought her. She loves to dance & I'm hoping we spare some extra money each month in the fall & enroll her in dance lessons.

I have still been under the weather from this stinky stomach virus so G sent me flowers to the house today! I was super surprised. They are absolutely gorgeous and smell so wonderful! Emma kept saying that daddy sent them to her and she was so happy so I told her we could share. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hudson's 5 Month Stats

Woohoo my big boy is 5 months old! Check out the outfit below that he is wearing. This was one of George's outfits as a baby and it fits Hudson perfectly. I love the colors and stripes and Hudson looks thrilled to be wearing it right? :)

What are you up to these days Hudson?
  • You eat 6 oz every 3 hours at most feedings
  • We started giving you baby food after 4 months b/c you have a big appetite! So far you've tried prunes, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and I think that's it. You also love rice cereal so I started doing rice cereal for your 2nd feeding of the day and then a baby food at lunch and rice cereal at dinner. You gobble it up and make happy sounds as I feed you. :)
  • You finally ROLLED OVER! On Monday the 26th I ran to the kitchen to get Emma a lunchable and then I heard you fussing like you do when you are on your belly and sure enough you had rolled from back to belly for the 1st time. Then yesterday I was sitting right beside you and I was helping Emma with a toy and next thing I know there is a little booger on my feet! You rolled from belly to back and once again I wasn't paying attention!
  • So far you are still a great sleeper! You normally go down around 7:30pm and wake from 6:30-7:15am. If you are still awake after your bottle I can just lay you down with your Fisher Price aquarium and you put yourself to sleep.
  • Naps are not the best right now but that's fine b/c you are perfect all day long. You usually nap around 8:30 or 9am for maybe 30ish minutes and then in the afternoon 1-3pm you normally take a good nap.
  • You can sit up with assistance and you don't want to lay down anymore.
  • When I give you my hands you try to pull up b/c you always want to stand!
  • You like playing with toys
  • I am pretty sure you are teething b/c you've been rather fussy since Monday and you want to chew on my hands constantly. Of course I don't let you but it is funny. I gave you some tylenol this morning to see if that would help and it did.
  • You love to make the motorboat or "spitting" noises and it is so cute! Especially when you are eating food and it goes flying everywhere. :)
  • "Da-da" is the funniest word ever to you and whenever I say it you giggle uncontrollably. No other words have the same effect.
That's all I can think of for now! Hudson you are the calmest most adorable little boy and you make us so happy!

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday!

Emma being a butterfly!

She had to try on daddy's outfit too and it actually fit her! Look at that sweet buddha belly!

Love this smile!

She topped it off with the wings and shades again. She's so funny!

Whew, I can't believe today is Wednesday! I had a stomach virus on Saturday and finally started feeling better yesterday when Emma came down with the fever. She is feeling much better today and luckily hasn't thrown up. She was quite pitiful last night though. She is the sweetest most loving little girl when she is sick. :) Hopefully the sickies are on the way out the door!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hudson is 5 Months Old!

I can't believe my sweet little baby boy is 5 months old today. I was just telling George earlier today that this same weekend last year I went to Crestwood Hospital on Sunday morning to have my hcg levels checked. I was 4-5 weeks pregnant and now my big boy is sitting up with assistance and has the sweetest giggles. We are out of town this weekend so on Sunday (hopefully) I'll post 5 month pictures and let you know what Mr. Hudson has been up to!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh My, He's Growing Too Fast!

Look at those big blue eyes! Man, he is a handsome little guy. :) Today while Emma was napping (5pm-7pm!) Hudson and I had some great one on one time. I noticed the past couple of days that he's able to sit unassisted for a little bit (not long at all) so today I wanted to put the boppy behind him and see how he did. He did awesome! He sat by himself for several minutes. I can't believe he will be 5 months old in just a few days. The next thing we know he'll be having his 1st birthday party. :( He's just growing so fast and becoming such a little charmer. He's so perfect all day and very rarely cries. Just an all around good baby.

He has been drooling like a mad man for several weeks now but today it just seems to be worse! He soaks all of his clothes, jumparoo, and bibs.

He's got the sweetest laugh too!

My little man

There's the massive drool!

Almost rolling over...I think he wants to wait for Daddy to get back in town!

He was doing the motorboat noise

Happy baby!

Not too much to report right now. My legs are absolutely killing me right now from running & walking & I'm thinking about soaking them in the bath tonight if Emma ever goes to sleep after her late nap. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oops! Two More!

This isn't the best picture b/c it was so bright outside but it's got all 3 girls in it. So pretty!

And this tree is in their backyard and it was so beautiful!

Tons O Fun in Nashville!

A couple of weeks ago (the day after Easter) the kids and I loaded up and headed to Nashville to see our awesome cousins Monya & Melica. My granny was there too and we had a wonderful visit. Emma always loves to play with the girls and I love eating Aunt Marsha's great food & putting on the pounds. :) Here's a couple of pics from out trip.

Monya, Hudson, and Emma (I really need to teach Hudson to smile in pictures!)

The girls had Reese's pb eggs & Snickers eggs and they hid them outside for Emma to find. It was fun and of course, Emma LOVES anything that involves chocolate.

Thought this was cute! She picked up flower petals from a tree I think outside and started throwing them.

Hudson being so cute and chunky in his bouncy seat.

And just like last year we celebrated Emma's birthday in Nashville since they weren't here for her actual bday party. Emma was so excited about this cake b/c she loves Dora & it was so yummy! Aunt Marsha got it from Costco and it was the best cake ever! They are too good to us! Thanks for having us and we are so very excited to go back & go swimming once school is out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

So Ready for Swimming!

With our incredibly warm weather finally here I bought Emma and Hudson a nice big (not really) pink swimming pool at BRU yesterday. Emma was so excited to put her swimming suit (2T still) on jump in the water. Well that was until we had 3 bumblebees scare the bajeesus out of us! But mommy saved the day and squashed 2 of those bees! :) There was lots of squealing involved and a few girly jumps but luckily no one was watching.

She can be the sweetest thing when she wants!

Hudson got hungry while she was playing so I moved the chair and bouncy seat in front of our back door so I could feed him and watch her at the same time. I'm learning to handle them both but sometimes it is a challenge. Anyways, Emma ran in and I had her hold his bottle while I snapped some cute pictures of his blue eyes.

Last night George and I met with a personal trainer at this new Empire Fitness in Madison. They give you 2 weeks free and 2 free sessions so we took advantage. They also provide free childcare & that was absolutely wonderful! Emma had so much fun and didn't cry one bit and the workers had fun passing Hudson around and of course he was a doll. The kids and I went back today and it was so nice to hand them off to play while I worked out for a whole 3o minutes with NO interruptions and quiet time. There weren't any kids while we were there today so Emma did not like that and she cried a little at first but then she was fine. She kept asking where the other boys and girls were at!

We've got a super busy weekend ahead and hopefully I'll make time to post more pictures!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funday!

I decided to take a break from posting Easter pictures today and post some from yesterday and Friday. Yesterday I woke up at 5am to participate in our neighborhood yard sale. I was so tired! But we made a little bit of money and it was fun to talk to people and get rid of tons of junk. I also got major sunburn on my face! No fun at all and I'm hoping it doesn't peel but it probably will.

Hudson is all about the jumparoo these days!

He's got big blue peeps just like his sister's!

I could just eat up his little cheeks! :)

Emma found my high school graduation cap in one of the totes and she had so much fun putting it on. Too soon & it will be her turn. *sigh*

Yesterday afternoon I was in the bedroom & grabbed my Carmex off the little 3 tier shelf. I turned around & next thing I know Emma was on the floor with the shelf on top of her and my heavy duty candle plate with 3 candles, sand, and rocks was behind her head. Poor thing started crying and I picked her up. She busted her lip up and we thought one of her bottom teeth was loose but I think it's okay. She also has 3 huge knots on her head and you can see them in the picture below. They are red and starting to bruise up a bit. She hardly cried at all which always amazes me! She is covered in bruises all over her legs, arms, and back and sometimes I am afraid people think we abuse her (joking) but she is so clumsy! Right after her fall yesterday she managed to trip herself and fall 3 or 4 more times!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm On A Roll with Easter Pictures!

Yes, I'm still sharing Easter pictures! If you are my friend on FB then you've probably seen all of these so sorry. Enjoy!

Emma on Easter morning with her basket. This year she received a chocolate hollow bunny, a book called "How to Make A Rainbow", bubbles, egg gum, bath confetti & bubbles, and I think that's it from us. Gabby & Ru Rus got her a basket full of goodies too.

Her rabbit bath bubbles!

LOVE this book! It is so cute!

The 4 cousins on Easter before we headed home. I've realized that it is impossible to take a decent picture of 4 kiddos. It seems that one of them was always looking the other way and then one wouldn't smile. Exhausting but so very cute!

Cute pic of Graham holding Hudson. Makes me chuckle. :)

Ikey looking super cute!

Such a handsome little guy.

And Emma with her famous "what mom?" look. Kind of looks at you like you're crazy or something. She's so dramatic.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Festivities

Here are some more pictures from our Easter weekend in Cookeville. On Saturday Aunt Beth (George's sister) had everyone over for bbq from Stroud's. After lunch the kiddos had an egg hunt and it was super cute.

Cousin Amy & Hudson!

Miss Emma cheesing for Momma!

Absolutely love this picture of Emma and Gabby! Emma sure does love her Gabby!

Time to hunt eggs!

Ikey getting an egg...

Graham was so fast at getting eggs. He had his bucket filled before Emma and Ikey even started I think. Six year olds are the best egg hunters ever!

So grown up these days!

Checking out the candy in those eggs!

I've got a bajillion million more pictures from Easter so hopefully I will post more tomorrow!