Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm On A Roll with Easter Pictures!

Yes, I'm still sharing Easter pictures! If you are my friend on FB then you've probably seen all of these so sorry. Enjoy!

Emma on Easter morning with her basket. This year she received a chocolate hollow bunny, a book called "How to Make A Rainbow", bubbles, egg gum, bath confetti & bubbles, and I think that's it from us. Gabby & Ru Rus got her a basket full of goodies too.

Her rabbit bath bubbles!

LOVE this book! It is so cute!

The 4 cousins on Easter before we headed home. I've realized that it is impossible to take a decent picture of 4 kiddos. It seems that one of them was always looking the other way and then one wouldn't smile. Exhausting but so very cute!

Cute pic of Graham holding Hudson. Makes me chuckle. :)

Ikey looking super cute!

Such a handsome little guy.

And Emma with her famous "what mom?" look. Kind of looks at you like you're crazy or something. She's so dramatic.

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