Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh My, He's Growing Too Fast!

Look at those big blue eyes! Man, he is a handsome little guy. :) Today while Emma was napping (5pm-7pm!) Hudson and I had some great one on one time. I noticed the past couple of days that he's able to sit unassisted for a little bit (not long at all) so today I wanted to put the boppy behind him and see how he did. He did awesome! He sat by himself for several minutes. I can't believe he will be 5 months old in just a few days. The next thing we know he'll be having his 1st birthday party. :( He's just growing so fast and becoming such a little charmer. He's so perfect all day and very rarely cries. Just an all around good baby.

He has been drooling like a mad man for several weeks now but today it just seems to be worse! He soaks all of his clothes, jumparoo, and bibs.

He's got the sweetest laugh too!

My little man

There's the massive drool!

Almost rolling over...I think he wants to wait for Daddy to get back in town!

He was doing the motorboat noise

Happy baby!

Not too much to report right now. My legs are absolutely killing me right now from running & walking & I'm thinking about soaking them in the bath tonight if Emma ever goes to sleep after her late nap. :)

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