Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tons O Fun in Nashville!

A couple of weeks ago (the day after Easter) the kids and I loaded up and headed to Nashville to see our awesome cousins Monya & Melica. My granny was there too and we had a wonderful visit. Emma always loves to play with the girls and I love eating Aunt Marsha's great food & putting on the pounds. :) Here's a couple of pics from out trip.

Monya, Hudson, and Emma (I really need to teach Hudson to smile in pictures!)

The girls had Reese's pb eggs & Snickers eggs and they hid them outside for Emma to find. It was fun and of course, Emma LOVES anything that involves chocolate.

Thought this was cute! She picked up flower petals from a tree I think outside and started throwing them.

Hudson being so cute and chunky in his bouncy seat.

And just like last year we celebrated Emma's birthday in Nashville since they weren't here for her actual bday party. Emma was so excited about this cake b/c she loves Dora & it was so yummy! Aunt Marsha got it from Costco and it was the best cake ever! They are too good to us! Thanks for having us and we are so very excited to go back & go swimming once school is out.

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