Sunday, October 28, 2007

P is for PRUNES! Yummy!

The past few days Emma has been having some constipation trouble so after a fun Saturday night of horrific screaming and waking up at 9am to the same horrific screaming, I decided to call the dr! The juice didn't work, the suppository didn't work, but guess what did??? Prunes! Way to go prunes, you rock! :) Actually she had success before the prunes, but I still want to give them credit. So in 25 years when Emma ask what her 1st food was I can tell her good 'ol prunes. She LOVED them! In 2-3 days we plan on trying some sweet potatoes which daddy is really excited about b/c he loves them. It is so exciting to be starting this new phase and I feel like my sweet angel is growing up so fast! That's all for now...thanks for tuning in to the Titsworth's on this lovely Sunday evening. Enjoy the week!

Exercauser Fun!

Princess Blue Eyes!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some Sweetness For Your Day

Showing some UT love...Go Vols!

Hey Mom!

Look at those amazing baby blues!

That's my girl...all smiles!

Getting good at rolling over

Her Halloween costume

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who Wants to Sponser A Cute Helmet Head?

Think this little angel is cute? This is your lucky day! For only 50 cents a day for the next year you can sponser this sweet child. The proceeds will go to her "My Head is Flat So I Need a Pink Helmet" fund. Since insurance is crazy and doesn't cover this cosmetic object we must pay for all of it ourselves. I think it is so wonderful that we are able to have insurance for only 5 billion dollars a year and they want us to pay for our daughter's medical needs. Man it's great! Anywho, if you would like to sponser my wonderful, intelligent, beautiful princess please contact me by email or leave a comment.

Some people might ask "what comes with my sponsership?" Well let me tell you...with your sponsership of 50 cents a day, you will receive monthly letters from the Princess herself and a picture. If a letter and a picture don't have you convinced it's worth it...I'll think of something else. That's it for now from the Titsworth residence~enjoy the new week!

In the waiting room asking "when is it my turn, mom?"

One final fitting before the pink makes an appearance.

We love this lady...too bad I can't remember her name!

We had a 1.5 hour break so we visited Amy & Matt at a nearby coffee shop!!

Aren't they a beautiful couple?

And my friend Tammy was in Nashville so she came to the appt too!

And my most favorite young cousins stopped by too after their big week at Dollywood!

In case you can't tell, she loves this thing.

My sweet princess!

Not quite sure what to think.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our BIG Weekend!

We ended up and went to Cookeville at the last minute on Friday and it was Emma's first time going up there. We had a good time but there were some stressful moments...for example, the smarty that I am gave Emma 10x's more oxygen than she needed and ran out of liquid O2...lost my cell phone in Morrison at a Dollar General...daddy G had to go dumpster diving on Sunday...ate too many fried chicken legs and was sick to my belly...Emma had a few screaming bloody murder fits...

Buuuuttt...we did get to see some friends from college and visit with George's Granddad who is suffering from dementia and is in assisted living home right now. It will definitely be awhile before we make that trip again. Next time we will travel during the day, not at Emma's bedtime! Lesson learned. Here are some random pics of our weekend.