Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our BIG Weekend!

We ended up and went to Cookeville at the last minute on Friday and it was Emma's first time going up there. We had a good time but there were some stressful moments...for example, the smarty that I am gave Emma 10x's more oxygen than she needed and ran out of liquid O2...lost my cell phone in Morrison at a Dollar General...daddy G had to go dumpster diving on Sunday...ate too many fried chicken legs and was sick to my belly...Emma had a few screaming bloody murder fits...

Buuuuttt...we did get to see some friends from college and visit with George's Granddad who is suffering from dementia and is in assisted living home right now. It will definitely be awhile before we make that trip again. Next time we will travel during the day, not at Emma's bedtime! Lesson learned. Here are some random pics of our weekend.

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