Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oodles of Hudson!

I've realized that I don't take nearly the same amount of pictures of Hudson as I did with Emma. Probably b/c I just don't have the time but I feel guilty. So I'm really trying to take more of him especially since he is growing so fast!

Hudson playing in his exercauser yesterday. Such a happy baby!

I think his little feet look cute the way they are positioned!

Yesterday Daddy was sitting with both kids and it was so cute! It was so hard to catch them both smiling and then Emma would look at her cartoons but this one turned out cute.

I love H's big round face just like mommy's and that big smile! Have I mentioned how happy he is?

He's getting so good at sitting up with the bobby around him.

Look at that drooool!

LOVE this one!!!

Drool again!

I told you he had 2 teeth! Don't worry we didn't hurt him. His little teeth are so cute.

This morning we were playing before everyone else woke up. He loves to be sitting up so he can see what's going on. He really loves to watch Emma!

I was watching 20/20 from last night and he caught a glimpse. He doesn't look very interested!

On Thursday after 1 month of being congested and already doing 10 days of Augmentin, I called the dr again and he's on another dose of it. I can already tell that he's on the up side so hopefully in a few days he'll be all better. The day after he started the 2nd dose he had so much green snot coming out of his nose. It was so yucky!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Love My Life!

We had such a wonderful day today. I am just so happy that summer is here and I'm looking forward to lots of outside time with Emma. Today we met Daddy at Tommy's Pizza (ma fav!) for lunch, then we spent the afternoon playing in the fountains at Bridgestreet. I love that place! Emma had a blast and kept kicking the water when it would shoot up. Silly girl! Hudson slept part of the time but he enjoyed getting his feet wet too. At one point we took a break and got some frozen yogurt which we love! The kids were just perfect and napped on the way home. A perfect day!

Emma kicking the water

Wouldn't it be nice to be a baby sometimes and just sleep wherever? :)

I also wanted to document a few things that Emma has said recently that I think are funny. Yesterday we stopped by Ashli's house and she gave me an extra cherry slush for Emma. When Emma woke up I asked her if she wanted to try it and she said "no mommy I don't like it." Fast forward a few minutes and she starts asking me for the cup. She then tells me "my friends said that I would like it so I like it mommy b/c my friends tell me that I like it." It was so funny!

Also last night she got mad for a second and threw down her leapster on the floor after I told her not to. I got onto her for it and told her we needed to brush her teeth. She pops up and we are walking and she says "it's okay mommy i didn't mean to. I'm sorry mommy" and then she grabs my leg and says "we're still friends mommy, it's okay." She is such a doll. Love her to death!

She's said other funny things but I can't think right now. Oh I know one thing-she calls pancakes "panacakes" and it is so incredibly cute. She even has me calling them panacakes now!

That's all for tonight. The American Idol finale is on!

Hudson at 6 Months Old!

My sweet Hudson, you turned 6 months old on May 23rd! My how time flies with 2 precious little kids! So what are you up to these days?
  • I think you are around 18 lbs and we will find out on June 4th at your 6 month appt
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers (Huggies)
  • You have 2 teeth! One tooth is almost completely in but the other one just broke through the gum last night. You've handled it fairly well considering you've been sick with a nasty cold for the past month!
  • You are getting really good at tummy time but you don't like to roll over. You've done it probably 10 times but that's it.
  • Yesterday you were on your tummy and I moved your toys to the side of you and you turned yourself around and grabbed your toys.
  • For the past couple of weeks you've wanted mommy to hold you the majority of the day.
  • You are on Stage 2 baby foods and have been for a week. You have had pretty much everything and love it all. Well green foods are not your fav but you eat like a champ! You love fruit!
  • You are eating about 6 oz of formula every 2.5-3 hours (around 30 oz a day)
  • I give you solids around 9am normally (fruit), then at lunch a fruit and then a vegetable for dinner with formula following immediately.
  • Bedtime is 7-8pm but normally closer to 7pm. You are so easy to fall asleep!
  • You love bath time! You love to splash the water everywhere.
  • You are wearing 9 month clothes
  • Not a huge fan of the car seat
  • You love it when I say "dada, mama, baba" and get a huge smile on your face
  • I love how you snuggle into my chest when you're tired and I'll sing you "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or the "doodlebug" song and you fall right asleep! :)
Love you sweet Hudson and you are 1/2 way to your first birthday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm On A Roll!

Today Emma got to play in her swimming pool on the deck but it was so hot that I didn't want Hudson outside. So I would sit with him by the back door and watch her and occasionally step outside with her. It was hard b/c Hudson screams when I put him down and he always wants me to hold him but we managed. Here he is watching Emma play!

Remember my lilies that I was wanting to bloom? Well they are finally blooming! For whatever reason the yellow ones are blooming first, then the orange, and I guess the red will be last. I've got one or two white ones too. I love all of them but I can't wait for them to all bloom at the same time! You will definitely see a picture.

Emma was helping me water them.

Then in her usual Emma self she started putting on a dance show on the sidewalk! This girl puts on about 10 shows a day complete with a princess dress, jewelry, shoes, tiara, and usually a magic wand. She cracks me up with her shows. She'll find something to stand on like a box and then she'll stomp around, singing, clapping, etc and it is so cute. :)

It was getting dark out and the sky was so beautiful!

Gabby bought her some new pajamas at the Carter's outlet in Lebanon, TN and this set is so very adorable! She had put the skirt on earlier today and LOVED it so she was uber excited when I told her it was part of her pjs! She was watching Daddy very closely while he was teaching her a ballet move. :)

Hudson's 6 month post will have to wait until tomorrow. The day just got away from me!

The 3 Muskateers!

660 Post!

I can't believe I've posted 660 topics in 3 years! That's alot! :)

Here's a few more pictures from our weekend. I got to visit my both my grandparents for a little bit on Sunday. Enjoy!

Daddy & Hudson at Granny Scott's house

My blue eyed charmer! Love those big ol cheeks!

Granny Scott and Hudson!

Daddy tickling Emma!

My dad meeting Hudson for the first time on his 6 month mark!

Granny Dunham holding Hudson! Poor thing was getting tired and he's still sick. But he's getting better I think.

Hudson crying on Uncle Arnold! He had had enough at this point & was in desperate need of a nap!

Both kids are still snotty & coughing and I can't wait for this to all be over! Poor Hudson and his teeth are just making it worse. His second tooth will probably break the skin tomorrow. I can see it but it's not out yet. Oh and Hudson turned 6 months yesterday so I plan on doing a 6 month post later tonight. I've got to mow the yard as soon as G gets home or the back yard might take over the house! Check back later!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabby!

Tomorrow is Gabby's birthday (Monday the 24th) so we went to TN to help her celebrate a little early. With Hudson & Emma having their colds we were worried to travel but it wasn't bad at all. They both did very well. Here's a few pictures with more to come tomorrow but right now I'm off to watch the LOST finale!

On Saturday night we took Gabby to Maddux Station for dinner. It was yummy!
Aunt Beth loving on Hudson...wish it wasn't blurry!

Emma & Graham coloring while they wait for food.

My & my George! We never get in the picture anymore!

The birthday girl and Ru-Rus!

Cousins! So cute!

I really liked these next 2 pictures of Hudson and Aunt Beth!

One of the few pictures of me and my little man!

Off to watch LOST but I promise to post pictures tomorrow sometime!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now This Makes Me Happy!

My sweet babies! Hudson woke up from a nap in my bed this afternoon and Emma went in and snuggled with him. She's such a great big sister and I love seeing them together. :)

Even though he's all snotty and drooling like a mad man, he's still my happy little camper!

My 2 boys! Love seeing them together!

You can't see it really in this small picture but if you click on it you might be able to see all the drool and snot on his face! Poor thing is just pitiful. He soaks the shoulders of my shirts constantly and his bibs.


I just love this little guy to pieces! Emma and Hudson are the 2 greatest little things ever!

So far they are both doing better. Emma hasn't complained about her ears much this evening. I gave her Motrin in the afternoon along with her antibiotic and she's been great. Hudson is still coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and drooling but no fever when he went to bed. He's been stirring in his crib all night though so he might be waking up in the middle of the night. I sure do hope they get over this cold soon! I better get in the bed in case he wakes up. :)


Both Emma and Hudson are once again, sick. Boo, boo, boo! It was 2 weeks ago today that we were at Dr. D's office and I took Emma back today and it is the same exact thing. Both ears are infected really bad with the right ear being worse than the left. She woke up at 1am screaming her ears hurt and then all morning she would whine about them and hold them. Pitiful. Now she's on Omnicef for 10 days and Nasonex which she thinks is so fun! Strange kid I tell ya! Hudson started coughing again too along with a runny nose (clear), sneezing, and stuff and I decided not to have him checked out b/c it's not too bad and everything was clear. Well we were out in town all day, got home at 1:45ish and he's got a 101 fever. Yep, that's the way it works. He was fussy and his eyes just looked glassy. The nurse said to keep watching his fever and if it continues tonight we have to go back in the morning. UGH! They said obviously the Augmentin didn't work for either child which normally it does for Emma but who knows. I just want them better. I still have my cough which has gone on for 2 weeks but it is finally going away.

No pictures right now. Maybe later!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hudson Has His 1st Tooth!!!

I seriously can't believe it! We were just going through teething with Emma it seems like! Hudson has been gnawing on his hands for a couple of months now and I knew this tooth was coming soon but definitely wasn't expecting it today. My little man is growing up! No more of those cute gummy smiles. :(

I had taken Emma to the park after the gym this morning and I put them both in the swings. He kept chewing on his bib like crazy and so I took a peek and sure enough, there it was! It is sharp! I think the one next to it is about to pop through so I'll have to watch for it. Maybe once George gets home we can get a picture of it. But as soon as we try to put our fingers in his mouth he clamps down so who knows. Oh and he's only 4 days away from being 6 months old!! Halfway to the year mark. They grow way too fast!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woohoo It's Tuesday!

We have had such a lovely day today! I'm high on life right now and super chirpy so watch out! :) You see, Emma can be Miss Grumpy Pants when she wakes up in the morning but last night I ended up in her bed around 2:30am and she woke up in such a good mood. We laid in bed forever and she kept telling me not leave. We finally had to get up but it just makes me feel so great when she's happy ya know? Not too long after getting up I had 2 whole cups of coffee and it was amazing. For some reason the coffee just tasted extra yummy today. Then we headed to Chic-fil-a for lunch with our new friends. Playdates are always fun and uplifting. We finished lunch early so we all came back to the house and the girls played for a little bit. Poor Mary Selwyn didn't want to leave, she just wanted to play! It was pitiful! After resting up a bit we headed to the Pottery by You and ordered some stuff, grabbed an iced vanilla latte, and headed home to play before daddy arrived. Once G got home I did my couch to 5K run, ate dinner, and enjoying some family time. Sounds like a great day right? :)

So now that I've shared with you most of my day I'll share some pictures! Enjoy!

Emma and MS playing with the doll house. Yes, MS is only 2.5 yrs old but she is so tall! She seems so much older than 2.5 and is so cute. We will be super sad when they move back home next month. :(

I love her curly hair!

Adeline and Emma having a moment. Adeline has the cutest little walk! I think she is just darling!

Look at her chunkiness! Love me some chunky babies!

Oh and two of my lilies bloomed today! Every single morning I check out the window to see if they've bloomed and I was sooo very excited to see these. It looks like several more will bloom over the next couple of days and I can't wait for all of them to be in bloom.

Another close-up!