Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hudson Has His 1st Tooth!!!

I seriously can't believe it! We were just going through teething with Emma it seems like! Hudson has been gnawing on his hands for a couple of months now and I knew this tooth was coming soon but definitely wasn't expecting it today. My little man is growing up! No more of those cute gummy smiles. :(

I had taken Emma to the park after the gym this morning and I put them both in the swings. He kept chewing on his bib like crazy and so I took a peek and sure enough, there it was! It is sharp! I think the one next to it is about to pop through so I'll have to watch for it. Maybe once George gets home we can get a picture of it. But as soon as we try to put our fingers in his mouth he clamps down so who knows. Oh and he's only 4 days away from being 6 months old!! Halfway to the year mark. They grow way too fast!

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