Monday, May 24, 2010

660 Post!

I can't believe I've posted 660 topics in 3 years! That's alot! :)

Here's a few more pictures from our weekend. I got to visit my both my grandparents for a little bit on Sunday. Enjoy!

Daddy & Hudson at Granny Scott's house

My blue eyed charmer! Love those big ol cheeks!

Granny Scott and Hudson!

Daddy tickling Emma!

My dad meeting Hudson for the first time on his 6 month mark!

Granny Dunham holding Hudson! Poor thing was getting tired and he's still sick. But he's getting better I think.

Hudson crying on Uncle Arnold! He had had enough at this point & was in desperate need of a nap!

Both kids are still snotty & coughing and I can't wait for this to all be over! Poor Hudson and his teeth are just making it worse. His second tooth will probably break the skin tomorrow. I can see it but it's not out yet. Oh and Hudson turned 6 months yesterday so I plan on doing a 6 month post later tonight. I've got to mow the yard as soon as G gets home or the back yard might take over the house! Check back later!

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