Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hudson is Pitiful!

My sweet baby boy has caught his first cold and it is breaking mommy's heart. :( Last week Emma and I had a stomach virus and she ran a low fever and then she started coughing and had a runny nose. Well then Hudson started coughing but his was just a dry cough. Then a couple of days ago it turned into a congested sounding cough, sneezing constantly, and a snotty nose. He has so much mucous in his throat and sometimes he gets choked on it and it scares the bajeezus out of me! Emma never got sick as a baby so this is new to me and my stomach has just been in knots b/c of it. I called Michelle (nurse) yesterday and talked to her but since he isn't running a fever, is still eating, we decided not to take him in. Yesterday afternoon I was ready to break down and cry b/c Hudson screamed for over 30 minutes non stop and then Emma had thrown a huge huge tantrum in public and had to be dragged out of the store. It was bad! So when Hudson started screaming once we got home it was rough. Then he would start choking and I didn't know what to do. Luckily not long after George got home Hudson calmed down and was good all night. He did wake up at 3:45am and stayed up until 5am but he was in good spirits. Poor little guy! I'm ready for the sickies to be gone!

Giving mommy a smile this morning!

Emma with her fav blanket!


Lisa_;D said...

Hope he feels better soon.
I would take him in if he is still coughing in a few days. P has a horrible head cold right now too. I worry so much because Aiden got pneumonia around this time a year ago.

Denise said...