Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gabby's Mother's Day Gift!

Gabby & Ru-Rus came down yesterday afternoon because we had won tickets to the Chicago concert that the Huntsville Hospital Foundation put on. We had 4 tickets but due to no babysitter we let G's parents go out on the town all by themselves! They said it was great and had a wonderful time.

We ended up staying in Huntsville for Mother's Day this year so we were late giving Gabby her gift. I took the kids to Pottery by You (love that place!) last week and we made her a beautiful flower pot. It ended up being a huge ordeal b/c after 2 hours of me painting Emma had a GINORMOUS meltdown in the store and the owner had to carry Hudson out to the van for me while I tackled Emma. It was horrible to say the least but the pot turned out so great. Check it out below! Lots of sweat and tears were shed during the creation of this flower pot. :)

I took this picture this morning and had to show Hudson off. He always chews on his hands!

Back to the flower pot!

Gabby had told me that her favorite flower was probably a Gerber Daisy so Emma and I picked out some gorgeous pink daisies.

This is Emma's hand print and I painted a flower around it. Cute!

We used her thumb prints to make the bumblebee, butterfly, and ladybug. Also, the flowers were her thumb prints.

Hudson's feet! They turned out so well. Poor baby was so sick and sleeping in his carseat when I woke him up to paint his feet. He was not happy at all and I felt so bad afterward. But when Mommy has her mind set to do something, it gets done! :)

I copied this saying from a pottery book and it is so cute.

Mother's Day 2010! The funny thing is the owner of the store told me that most moms will do the hand/foot prints and then leave the pottery for them to finish up. I had thought I would do that too but I just felt like it would be more special if I painted it myself, flaws and all. So 2 hours later I was almost regretting that decision but I'm so glad I did it even with the meltdown. Gabby loved her gift and we were so happy!

Close up of the flowers

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