Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm On A Roll!

Today Emma got to play in her swimming pool on the deck but it was so hot that I didn't want Hudson outside. So I would sit with him by the back door and watch her and occasionally step outside with her. It was hard b/c Hudson screams when I put him down and he always wants me to hold him but we managed. Here he is watching Emma play!

Remember my lilies that I was wanting to bloom? Well they are finally blooming! For whatever reason the yellow ones are blooming first, then the orange, and I guess the red will be last. I've got one or two white ones too. I love all of them but I can't wait for them to all bloom at the same time! You will definitely see a picture.

Emma was helping me water them.

Then in her usual Emma self she started putting on a dance show on the sidewalk! This girl puts on about 10 shows a day complete with a princess dress, jewelry, shoes, tiara, and usually a magic wand. She cracks me up with her shows. She'll find something to stand on like a box and then she'll stomp around, singing, clapping, etc and it is so cute. :)

It was getting dark out and the sky was so beautiful!

Gabby bought her some new pajamas at the Carter's outlet in Lebanon, TN and this set is so very adorable! She had put the skirt on earlier today and LOVED it so she was uber excited when I told her it was part of her pjs! She was watching Daddy very closely while he was teaching her a ballet move. :)

Hudson's 6 month post will have to wait until tomorrow. The day just got away from me!

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