Sunday, October 28, 2007

P is for PRUNES! Yummy!

The past few days Emma has been having some constipation trouble so after a fun Saturday night of horrific screaming and waking up at 9am to the same horrific screaming, I decided to call the dr! The juice didn't work, the suppository didn't work, but guess what did??? Prunes! Way to go prunes, you rock! :) Actually she had success before the prunes, but I still want to give them credit. So in 25 years when Emma ask what her 1st food was I can tell her good 'ol prunes. She LOVED them! In 2-3 days we plan on trying some sweet potatoes which daddy is really excited about b/c he loves them. It is so exciting to be starting this new phase and I feel like my sweet angel is growing up so fast! That's all for now...thanks for tuning in to the Titsworth's on this lovely Sunday evening. Enjoy the week!

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