Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Birthday Party Pictures!

Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl! I ordered this cute Foofa shirt from Speck by Becky Jones. I love her shirts!

The Yo Gabba Gabba stuff. I really liked the boombox gifts for the kids.

Ella, Emma, and Nicholas eating their pizza

I made a Muno poster and we played tape the eye on Muno b/c he has one big eye in the middle of his face. Emma got to go first and she didn't understand that the whole point of the game is you can't see where you are sticking the eye. She cheated of course by tilting her head back so she could see underneath the blindfold. It was so funny!

Emma and Muno...I think I'm going to leave him up for awhile. He makes our front door look super nice. :)

Emma with a big bite of cake in her mouth.

Everyone enjoying the cake & ice cream!

Present time! Ella got her these really fun building blocks and Emma has played with them all day. Love them!

This awesome little Pony toy was from the Givens family and it is so much fun! The pony rides on a scooter and it has a remote control to make her go forward or spin in circles. Emma and Mommy have so much fun with it!

Pinata time! Yes, we had a pinata in our living room in front of our nice flatscreen tv. :) I had originally planned to do it in the garage but it was so cold yesterday so Ru-Rus rigged up this pole and it worked out perfectly! The boombox was so strong that it took forever to break but it finally did and the kiddos cleaned up the candy fast. I know the parents loved me after all that candy.

Emma was so girly and delicate while hitting the pinata.

Ali, who is maybe 1.5 wanted to take a turn also and then she wanted to do it again. She is so cute!


Emma and Logan examining their candy. Logan is just a few months younger than Emma.

Brooks gathering as much candy as possible!

Emma posing beside Muno with his multiple eyes!

Overall the party was a success! I had stressed for weeks over this party but we had so much fun. I love having people over to the house and Emma enjoyed playing with all of her friends. I've already told George that next year we are going to the Jump Zone or the Little Gym or somewhere that will host parties. I swear I spent more money on all the little stuff and stressed so much that going somewhere would be much easier. But I'm glad we did it & Emma was happy. That's all that matters really. :) Her official birthday is this Wednesday the 10th and tomorrow I'm going to attempt to enroll her in Mother's Day Out at a church near our house. Hopefully she will get a spot! Then on Thursday she has her 3 year appointment with Dr. Dudley. We have a busy week ahead!

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