Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Couple of Days!

Hudson had his big 2 month appointment on Tuesday! Poor little guy got 3 shots and the Rotovirus liquid. He cried during the shots but then he was fine as soon as she finished. Emma just wanted to watch him get them and it didn't bother her. Other than that the appointment was uneventful and he goes back toward the end of March for his 4 month. :)

Here's a few little facts about little man at 2 months:
  • He's still drinking on average 3.5 oz every 3 hours (except he's not been drinking as much since his shots)
  • Wakes up usually once in the middle of the night and then early in the morning
  • Still sleeps majority of the day
  • Started smiling and cooing earlier this week!
  • Very happy content baby
  • Goes a few days between dirty diapers now. That's nice!
  • Loves to swing and just lay in the floor and look around
  • Still not a huge fan of baths
  • Just recently started drinking formula 1-2 times a day-Similac Sensitive (orange label)
That's all I can think of right now. Hudson is still such a good baby and I love to just shower him in kisses! Emma is still doing good with him but I can tell she's been more jealous these past couple of weeks. I am trying to get better at giving her more attention but sometimes it is just hard.

Now for more exciting news! Aunt Patsy & Uncle Dennis sent the kids a package the other day and Emma LOVES the feathers they sent. She wears this all the time!

I've been so ecstatic that Hudson is smiling & cooing and I finally got proof! :) I took these pics this morning while changing his diaper and I had to move fast. I just love that big gummy smile!

And our last big thing this week was getting Emma's very 1st haircut today! Anna cuts our hair so we took her there. Emma did fairly well but she was a little scared. She didn't cry though. All we did was trim the dead ends and she evened it out a little. I wanted to cry as we drove there this morning but then once we got there I was fine. It's just another part of her growing up and I just can't take it sometimes. I need change in small doses. :) With her 3rd birthday quickly approaching I'm trying to hold it all together and not be sad. It's hard having the 1st baby grow up!

George's face is priceless! She was being such a big girl!

Her and those silly faces!

And another...

Emma and Anna! We just love Anna to death and so glad to have her give Emma her 1st haircut. We are saving a little bit of hair & it's in an envelope right now. Afterwards Emma got to go pick out a sucker and she also got some sweeties. She was really happy!

To top our week off, tomorrow is mine and George's 5 year wedding anniversary! His parents are coming down tomorrow so we are planning on dinner at Connor's and hopefully watching Avatar on Saturday. We have been together a total of 9 years this year & married 5...can't believe it!

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