Monday, January 18, 2010

We Had Company Today!

Today my aunt Starlena & Uncle John came down to visit from Cookeville! It was their first time meeting Hudson and they also brought down Christmas presents. Emma was thrilled to see more presents! We had a wonderful visit with them and even went to eat at Rosie's. It was a great day!

Emma got Minnie Mouse! She's been playing with her all day!

Bling bling! While we were at Disney this summer Starlena picked up a Belle necklace & earrings for Emma. They are so cute & Emma loves them!

Now on to Hudson's present! Emma wants to open everything she sees whether it is hers or not. :)

Cheeeeese! Hudson will love his new mat...and I'm sure Emma will too!

Starlena got some good lovin time with Hudson :)

So sweet!

Group shot!

Yesterday afternoon George and Hudson (George Jr) fell asleep on the couch. I just couldn't resist this picture. George might kill me later (ha ha) but it is so sweet and they look so cute together. My 2 favorite boys! Now if only Hudson had glasses...

Oh and today Hudson is 8 weeks old!!! We are going to take some pics tonight so I'll get those posted later.

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