Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Labor Day Weekend Pics

Here are some of the few pictures we took last weekend. I had big plans to take lots of pics but I guess I wasn't feeling it. Sometimes I get so frustrated chasing Emma around trying to get a decent pic! I never even took pics of my family visit. I'm slacking I know!

The Ikester sporting his new hair do thanks to Ru-Rus

Daddy and Emma jammin on the drums. The girl has some rhythm!

So cute!

So Emma and Uncle Rob have a love/hate relationship. She loves him from a distance and will talk about him all day, but when he comes near her she freaks! This past weekend she actually warmed up to him and realized that he's not so bad. :)

On Sunday night we went to the lake and ate at the Boatdock. The kiddos had fun feeding the ducks and I was jealous we didn't have a boat. I love going out on the lake! We had a great dinner with George's family.

I'm in big trouble for posting this but it was funny. Who knows what they are looking at!

Cute one of Aunt Beth and the Ikester!

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