Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Weekend In Nashville!

On Friday Emma and I made the trip to Nashville to see our cousins Monya and Melica. They are the sweetest girls and so much fun to be around. They are incredibly well-behaved and super artistic.

Anyways, we had a wonderful time and played really hard. On Friday night we had pizza and stayed at the house. Then on Saturday we went to Greenhills Mall and then went ice skating! Both girls have been taking ice skating lessons and they are getting good! They were skating laps around me at the rink and I was moaning and groaning that my ankles hurt. I'm getting too old. :( I also have to add that Melica makes a yummy chocolate cookie from Rachel Ray's recipe. She won 3rd place out of several classrooms at the Dickson fair. We are so proud of you Melica! They tasted awesome!

On Sunday we got up and went to church with them. Emma was getting antsy in the beginning so I took her outside and then we found the nursery so she played in there for the remainder of church. She is at that toddler stage where she refuses to sit still and will let you know about it. :)

Overall we had a blast and can't wait to visit them again. Although next time we will board up both sets of stairs! Emma almost drove me crazy repeatedly going up one set of stairs and then down the other. Thankfully the girls helped her up and down the whole time which really helped. Now on to the pics!

The girls being silly!

Baby Melica in her highchair. Wait, that's Emma's high chair!

Too funny!

Monya, the next Van Gogh. She is so amazing when it comes to artsy stuff!

Melica relaxing on the couch.

Monya and Emma...Emma wouldn't smile for anything!

Emma playing...I wanted to show off her long hair and the cute curls!

Not long after we got there Emma kept trying to escape my barricades so she could go up the stairs. She's one smart cookie.

Good pic

Melica pushing Emma in the babydoll stroller

Thank you Aunt Marsha, Uncle Jim, Monya, and Melica for opening up your house to us and all of our toys. We had sooooo much fun and can't wait to come back! Aunt Marsha, you are such a wonderful cook and look forward to your spaghetti casserole tonight for dinner. Love you all!

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