Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surgery Was A Success!

My pa had his surgery today and it went well. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! He is now in ICU and hopefully he will get to go home tomorrow night.

Granny, be sure and tell Pa that I'll post some new Emma pics when he gets home so it'll lift his spirits! :)

Also, I took Emma to the dr today b/c she's had a cough for several days, minor diarrhea, fever, runny nose, etc and turns out it is just a "bug." When we got to the room the nurse said everyone that has walked through the door has had it. So far she hasn't had a fever since this morning so lets hope she's at the end of it. I also have to add that they checked her white blood count and the nurse had to prick her finger. Emma sat there so still and did not cry one bit while she squeezed the blood out. Isn't she so strong?! Gotta love my little princess. :)

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