Monday, June 22, 2009

Girly Fun!

Today I came home a little early from work to switch out with George. Emma is still running fevers at night so she could not go to school today. The doctor's office did call in some Augmentin for her so hopefully she will be on the road to recovery soon! On Saturday night she was at 104.1 and we do not like those high temps!

So we have been playing indoors today and having a great time. Emma is so girly and delicate most of the time and loves fixing Zoe's hair in pigtails. So today after we fixed Zoe's hair we had to fix Emma's hair and then we painted toenails! Her hair is so cute and crazy that I had to take pictures. Enjoy!

Emma Bemma has the most gorgeous little face and smile!

Emma and her best friend Zoe! We are having too much fun!

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