Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

On Friday night Emma's school had their annual fundraiser. They had games set up in the classrooms and then each class performed a little song for the parents. Emma's class sang "Where is Thumpkin" and it was so cute. Emma stood there the entire time with her finger up her nose and Ms. Alicia would try to take it out and Emma would shove it back up there. :) It's her nervous habit.

Emma doing the bean bag toss in her room...

Too funny! I just hope she doesn't do that in BJ & Ashli's wedding in September!

Ms. Alicia & Emma...she is one of Emma's teachers and I love her!

Yesterday we tried to spend lots of time outside since it was so nice. Daddy got the water table down from the attic and Emma had fun playing with it. My grandparents drove down too so they spent the day with us. I wish everyday was as pretty as yesterday! Daddy got the yard mowed, we cleaned house, and then went to Rosie's with some of our friends last night.

My grandparents got Emma a rocking chair and Emma loves it!

This morning she had some goldfish and hopped up in the chair. Thank you Gigi and Pa!!!

Later today I want to take Emma to Dublin Park to play and hopefully we can make a trip to Sam's to look at playgrounds. We want to get one for Emma soon so we are looking around. I hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful weekend!

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