Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's PRESENT Time!

On Graham's actual birthday Beth ordered pizza and cake for the family. Then on Saturday he had his big Spaceship party with his friends. So here are some pics of Graham opening his presents on his actual birthday.

Look at that excited face!

Yay, a Leapster computer!

More Thomas the Train tracks!

Stacking up all of his gifts so far.

I have to add that everytime I go to Cookeville Graham always wants to go to the toy store down from the square. So since he was going to be getting sooo many toys on his birthday Uncle George and I decided to give him some money so in a few weeks he can go shopping for a new birthday toy. Unfortunately, the $20 we gave him was the least exciting toy of all, but I know that when he gets to the toy store he will be thrilled! I told Aunt Beth to take a picture of his toy that he buys and send it to us.

And I had to throw in a pic of my new monkey! About 2 wks ago Emma Bemma learned how to climb and it is driving me crazy! With her being so clumsy that is not a good thing. She can climb into chairs, on the back of the sofa, on tables, or anything else she can find. Fun times!

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