Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Girl Has Got To Have Her Shoes!

So today we went to Aroma's, our favorite coffee shop, which is right beside the Stride Rite store. I knew that this particular Stride Rite was closing this winter, but I hadn't heard about their big sale this weekend until we went in. Apparently ALL of their shoes are 50% this weekend so of course Emma is always in need of new shoes. I took off like a mad woman fighting the people and measuring Emma's feet so I could load up on some good cute shoes.

I actually bought these on sale back in the summer. These were $50 Stride Rite shoes marked down to around $20 or something like that. They are just a little too big right now but as winter comes along they will fit. Super cute!

I did get these today for $11 I think. The sales lady says they run really big but I'm praying they will fit next summer. If not, I'll sell them.

Here is the next sandal I got today for next summer. It's funny b/c Emma actually had this pair in all pink this past summer. I think these were in the $20 range.

And last but not least, check out the CUTE CUTE CUTE boots!!! I LOVE these shoes so much and she can wear these soon. Aren't they precious?

And the side view...

So if you live in the Huntsville/Madison area and want some good shoes check out the Stride Rite store in the Target shopping center. Normally they are closed on Sundays, but they said they will be open tomorrow. Happy shopping!!!


Sara Rose Tutus said...

Aww they are cute!
I gave you an award

Merissa said...

Those are sure some cute shoes...I need to go shoe shopping for George.'

Oh and tag you are it, check out my blog to see what it is all about.