Saturday, October 4, 2008

Graham's Spaceship Party

As previously mentioned, on Saturday the 27th Graham had a birthday party with his friends. There were probably 15 kids there with their parents. Lots of running around, jumping, twirling, and laughing. At one point Graham said to his friend Gus, "Can I take you to meet my other friends?" It was so incredibly cute! Graham had his friends from the soccer team, his preschool, and then his dance studio friends.

They all had lots of fun and played a couple of games. One game was to see who could launch the rocket the farthest and another game was building the best spaceship out of Legos. So here are some pics of the party...I don't want to post any with the kids in them b/c I'm not sure if their parents want their pics on the internet!

The Birthday cake! Yummy!

The Birthday boy eating his cake

Building his Lego spaceship

Launching the rocket! The kids loved this game.

His gift table! Noone has to buy Graham any gifts for Christmas b/c he got so many! We can just rewrap what he got. :)

Emma and Ikey

Gabby (Grammy) loving on her princess

Gabby with her toddler babies

They were amazed by the balloons the whole time!

Thanks for looking! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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