Thursday, August 13, 2009

What A Day!

I've been slacking this week in the blog department but I feel like we've been so busy. Our weekend is going to be rather crazy too so I hope to get some pics up tonight and then hopefully some on Sunday.

This morning I woke at 4:45am unable to sleep so mommy is a little tired. I waited for my other babies to wake up and then Emma and I headed off to Sparta, TN to visit my granny Scott & Pa and my Granny Dunham. Gigi (Granny Scott) is having a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday so I wanted to try and sell some clothes & stuff with the hopes of making a few extra dollars. :) Gigi also has a pool so Emma got to be a fish today. My little stinker amazes me in the water. Today was her first time with water wings and she just took off all the way across the pool! She did not want my help at all! Then after we took the water wings off she wanted to swim by herself and she just didn't understand that she really couldn't swim! How funny is that? She would jump off the bottom step and of course go under the water but came up smiling so big. She is such a doll! I'm looking forward to showing daddy her swimming skills on Saturday at the 4th annual Swim For Melissa! Emma is not actively swimming but we can swim on the other side of the pool. I'm so excited to attend and see some of our preemie NICU friends. Ms. Ella Grace and her mommy Kylie will be there too so we will have a blast!!! In case you haven't made your donation you can visit Emma's webpage and make a donation-

We came home today and found out we had met our goal of $1000! It means so much to our family that so many people are willing to help out. Thank you so very much for all of your donations and support.

So tomorrow night George and I plan on attending the Miracle Bash and then on Saturday the Swim for Melissa! If you are in the area head on over to Hampton Cove b/c there will be lots of fun things for the kiddos to do. Check back on Sunday for pics from the swim!

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