Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Swim For Melissa!

It was an awesome day! We had such a great time this year and there was such an amazing turnout. Last night George and I attended the Miracle Bash at the Davidson Space Center and let me tell you guys, there were SO MANY people! I have no clue how many people were there but it was packed and I loved the building. There is a huge rocket that extends all the way down the building and it is just so cool. The food was great too and we even made friends. This year we didn't take our camera so no pics from last night but Emma's picture was on some tables again and then they also had a projector set up that showed pics of several babies that were in the NICU. I think I could stare at the pics all night and be happy. Such a wonderful evening.

For the swim our awesome friends Kylie, Ella Grace, and Lucas met us at Hampton Cove pool and we always love to see them. Ella is destined to be Emma's best friend for life and I've talked about her before. She was also a 1 pounder and during our first week being neighbors in the NICU, Kylie and I became friends. We share such a special bond and I will always love her for all of the support she provided and for being such a sweet person. Love me some Kylie! She now has a 15 month old boy, Lucas, who is just a doll. She made it to 36 weeks with him and that gives me lots of hope for our little boy. :)

The girls had a blast swimming and Emma was so worn out. Normally her nap time is 1pm and today around 12:30 Emma said "mommy, I'm all done swimming!" She was wiped out from the sun and all that kicking. So glad Daddy got to see her swim. He was amazed at how well she does. Next summer we are definitely enrolling her in swimming lessons!

I don't know the total amount raised for the event this year but when we left the Swim it was over $138,000! Can you believe that? Our community has been so generous and it just amazes me to think that all of the proceeds go to our NICU and helping those sweet little babies. I'm just overjoyed with happiness that people are so willing to help. :)

Now on to the pics...

Mommy & Emma swimming! It was the PERFECT day for the Swim!

My two little 1 pounders that are now 23-24 lbs!!! Such sweet little miracles!

Check out this hug! I could just eat them up.

This year they had XS kids shirts so of course Emma had to have one!

My little miracle :) LOVE her to death!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the Bash & Swim a success and Amy, Chris, Ann Catherine, Lily, and Melissa George for putting so much time and effort into helping babies like Emma. I can't say enough things about this family. They work so hard all year long to prepare for this event and we are so thankful for them and all of the other families that make it all happen. Looking forward to next year and soon Emma and Ella will be able to swim. Woohoo for our miracles!

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Amy said...

It was SO great seeing your family on Saturday! Your support means so much to me and it just touches me that you guys come each year. I can't wait until Emma can captain her own team!!

btw, LOVE the picture of her in her Swim for Melissa t-shirt!!

Glad you and George had a great time at the Bash! I think we have finally found a "home" at the Davidson Center!

Thanks for everything!!