Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exciting Morning!

I am so happy today b/c this morning George got to feel little bean kick for the first time!!! I've been dying for him to feel the kicks and every time he would put his hand on my belly little bean would stop kicking. Little stinker! Well this morning he was kicking a whole bunch before G left for work so I had him put his hand where mine was and bam! he felt 2 kicks! I love being a woman and to me feeling those kicks is one of the best parts of being pregnant. Recently little bean has been kicking a ton and has found my bladder. :) Emma was always kicking my bladder b/c she was always so low but I love it.

Also, I'm now 21 weeks and I go back to the OB on Aug 31st for a routine visit. I've been getting a little paranoid every time my head starts hurting b/c with Emma I started swelling around 22 weeks and my blood pressure was higher than normal at 22-23 weeks. Then I went into the hospital at 24 weeks so it's all just getting too close and I'm trying not to think about it. I'm really looking forward to the day I make it past 26 wks!

As for a name update, I'm not sure if we have one or not. I really like a certain name but G isn't so keen on it so I'm going to give it more time before we fully decide. Although I find myself calling him the name I like sometimes. :) I just feel bad giving our little man a name if G isn't completely on board ya know? Hopefully we will come up with something soon.

Now for a princess update! Emma has really enjoyed mommy staying home with her and she acts so grown up now it makes me sad. She understands so much and puts sentences together so well. She also knows exactly what she wants and can communicate it. It's nice in some ways but I realize she's only going to get bigger and not smaller. :(

We took her last Friday for another chest x-ray to see if there was improvement in her lungs. There was improvement but she still had several spots of atelectasis (sp?) so we went yesterday (Monday) to see Dr. Mahesh. LOVE Dr. Mahesh and all of the sweet nurses. He is not too concerned since there was improvement and we get to switch back to her Symbicort inhaler which makes me very happy. So hopefully little miss priss will stay healthy for a long time. So far she's been perfect since coming out of daycare. Fingers crossed! Oh and she's finally back up to 24 lbs even! Her eating has picked back up and I'm super ecstatic about that.

Pics to come later...I've been rather lazy this week after our busy weekend but I promise to get on it soon. :)

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