Monday, August 31, 2009

Hudson's Nursery & Stuff

Well this past weekend we got Hudson's nursery painted and furniture all moved around. I'm so excited to have that done! Now I've got to put things on the walls and over the next couple of months buy stuff that we don't already have which shouldn't be too much. We bought everything gender neutral with Emma so we really don't have much to buy for him. Our house has been such a disaster the past week while we cleaned out the front room and it sure did stress me out! Luckily George and I worked really hard yesterday to get everything boxed up and cleaned up so now I feel so much better! Enjoy the pics!

Our new glider/ottoman that I'm in love with! It is so comfortable and hopefully will hide spit up with the brown color. :)

Like the new curtains?? Hudson is the only person in the house to have curtains! ha ha. I actually got them at JCPenney for half off the other day and I was amazed. The only thing is they didn't come with a panel on the other side so I need to sweet talk someone into sewing the other side for me. This front room is just so bright so he needs more coverage. Doesn't the room look so boyish?? I like it!

My father-in-law hard at work! He helped us so much this past weekend. Thanks Ru-Rus!

Daddy starting to paint. He did a great job too!

I had to take a pic of is Emma's princess CD player and Daddy was using it to listen to music while they painted. He claims it was the only CD player in the house. Sure Daddy!

So that's the one for now. I'm working on painting a picture for Hudson and I've also got to hang stuff up on the walls. Then I think it will look even better. I hope he likes it and the bright colors don't keep him awake all the time. :)

In other news Miss Emma is doing much better. She ran a fever up to Thursday evening and finally on Friday we were fever free! Poor thing had a rough week. She's still coughing quite a bit due to her lung irritation but hopefully that will clear up soon.

Today we went to my OB, Dr. Cimino, for my 23 week appt. At my 23 wk appt with Emma my blood pressure was a little elevated but within a week I was super sick! I was admitted in my 24th week and delivered her at 26 weeks. I've been very nervous since I'm not at the same point in this pregnancy but so far so good. Today my BP was great, no protein in urine, weight is okay, and measuring 25 weeks. So my next appt will be my gestational diabetes test where I drink that nasty fruit punch drink. I actually never drank it with Emma so I'm excited to do it this time! Wish me luck that I make it another 4 wks. Hudson, you MUST STAY PUT!

This week should be fairly relaxed with Ashli and Brandon's wedding this Labor Day weekend. We are all looking forward to celebrating with them and Emma's big flower girl debut! :) Pics will definitely come next Monday.

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Lovin the nursery especially the blue paint!! Its comin together great :)