Monday, August 3, 2009

"Remember Barney, Mommy?"

The past few nights we have really been working on Emma and her bedtime routine. Up until now we would do our bath routine and then go in her room and read 2 books. Then she would turn out her princess light and get in the bed. We would then sit there with her and rub her arm/leg and sing songs to her until she fell asleep. It wasn't a bad routine until the past few weeks it would take her over an hour to fall asleep! So that meant that mommy and/or daddy would have to sit in her floor for over an hour until she would finally doze off and usually we were asleep too. It has been really hard on me b/c during pregnancy my sciatica nerve bothers me alot especially when I sit on the floor. Not a fun time. So with the new baby coming in a few months we really want to get Emma going to bed a little easier.

So the past few nights we have been putting her to bed after her 2 books and I've been sitting there for a few minutes rubbing her arm/leg and then I tell her it's time to go to sleep and I kiss her. Well she does not like that at all! It's been over 2 hours of screaming, time outs, and putting her back in her bed repeatedly. Last night George commented on how persistent she is. :) It has been so hard but we seriously can't keep taking 2 hours to put her to bed. So we shall continue this battle hopefully for only a couple more nights or else I might just go crazy! Any thoughts or words of encouragement??

Last night she was being so cute before bedtime. She had been playing with her babies and then she laid them all out on a pillow and covered them up. Then she would pick Zoe up and say "it's ok Zoe, I'll rock you." Then she would say "see Zoe, I will rock you." It was so sweet! Then during her 2 hour screamfest she started saying "Remember Barney Mommy?" She kept saying it over and over and over. She was talking about watching the Barney show at Universal Studios last Thursday! She really enjoyed the show and has talked about it ever since. George and I just sat in the living room and laughed. She was doing/saying anything she could to get me to come in her room. What a stinker! Lets pray that tonight goes much smoother even though I don't think it will.

These next 2 pics are blurry but this was at bedtime. The flash was so bright!

Being cute

Here she is tucking her babies in. I love the way she talks to her babies. So sweet!

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