Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clutter Be Gone!

Boy, do I feel productive today! Let me just start off by saying that Emma's room has been giving me major anxiety with all of its clutter. Every few months I go through all of her small clothes and box them up but it's a constant job. I don't know where she accumulated so much stuff but it was unbelievable! So with George's help today we organized her room the best we could and hopefully that will make the transition of the baby boy's room a little more easier. Enjoy!

I wish I would've taken pics of our hallway/living room while we were cleaning stuff but I was too embarrassed to show them so I never took pics. But here is the "after". We went to Target and found this cute pink cubicle thing on sale as well as the baskets. LOVE it! Emma has loved her "new" room too and has been playing all day in it.

Here's her cleaner hutch/armoire. We are actually going to put the armoire and Em's crib in baby boy's room in the next month or two. New furniture is just so expensive and we plan on moving our guest room queen bed into Em's room for her to use. BIG changes coming up!

Last but not least, her crib/shelve area. I love her shelves but it had been so cluttered there were days I just wanted to throw it out the window! :) Now that we have the cubes in the closet we were able to free up some space on the shelves. Whew all of that hard work paid off!

Now my goal is to drive up to Sparta, TN sometime this week and drop off several things of Em's for my granny's yard sale. We could really use the extra money and of course, we have no need for the clothes so hopefully we will make a few dollars next weekend. Now if I can just talk myself into driving up there...yay for decluttering!

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